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    Anyone owned a Stainless Steel Kit?

    I just recently bought the Tama Big Black and I kind of dig it. Is it as great as my Classic Maple? Not even close. But for it's intended purpose of playing outdoor shows when rain is possible and cover is sketchy, it will suffice. I went through about 6 combos of heads to find the right...
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    **SOLD** 5.5x14 Aluminum Snare......Oriollo?

    Is this 8 lug?
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    SOLD: Gibraltar Vertical Stealth Rack with extras $250

    This is a complete Stealth Rack with the Vertical set up for a hanging tom and cymbal arm. This comes with an additional PDP snare stand to mount the tom in a basket if desired. 9.5mm L rod on the tom mount. I also have a brand new in the package Gibraltar Universal Tom Mount with a PDP bracket...
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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    Same. Since this arrived this week. Got it from a GC in CA for a price too low to quote.
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    What can I use to Protect Bass Drum Hoops

    The Pearl metal one works great. Used it for years and hundreds of gigs without hoop rash. Also, I only pinch it on, not screw it on.
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    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    I was in a GC in Milwaukee this past weekend and they had this kit in satin red for $599 on clearance. Almost tempted to flip it.
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    Which Famous Musician Would You Bring Back To Life for 24 Hours of One on One?

    Thinking about the thread with the similar title, it got me thinking of who I would like to bring back to life for one full day and spend that time asking/doing anything with that person. Who would you want to get to know personally or ask about their experiences where that person would give...
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    It also doesn't appear to be thinner than the bottom. A mystery?
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    Did anyone at NAMM check out the steel Tama SLP kit?

    I'm expecting delivery of a new one on Wed. Can't wait to hear them in person and especially see them. I've never owned a black kit nor a metal one so this series fills a couple of drumming voids for me. I'm anticipating this will be my go-to for all outdoor summer gigs where cover and...
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    You are correct. I missed that. What I wasn't seeing is the lathing on the top. Mine and all others I've seen have less of the 'raw' appearance for the top. Must be a unique pair for sure.
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    I think that's 2 bottoms
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    What is Up With Drum Companies/Dealers Not Emailing/Responding Back to Potential Customers Lately?

    I made a recent, small purchase at Dale's Drum Shop and the item was mistakenly listed as in-stock. They contacted me right away, offered a couple of solutions, kept me (overly) informed and successfully fulfilled the order. I was actually surprised by the level of communication. Well done...
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    How many cymbals do you really need?

    I like two crashes for my left hand and two crashes for my right. So the answer is four. I will add a china for certain gigs if it's called for. I, too, went through the phase of mega cymbals and although it was fun, each one required a mount or stand and that became ridiculous to carry for a...
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    Russ Miller “Groove Wedge” is back!!

    I've got one in my cart on Reverb. Just deciding on which finish veneer to go with. Looks much better than the RimRiser. Anyone want to buy the metal RimRiser I have? LOL
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    SOLD 6.5x14” Custom Walnut Snare

    PM sent
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    Any experience sending DW stain/satin drums for finish matching?

    I would highly recommend you send in the drum. I had this emerald satin oil short stack and wanted to add an 8" tom. As you can see from the pic, it was not a good match. I ended up sending that tom back along with the 12" to get it matched and they did a perfect job. Before and After:
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    FS: Humes & Berg Drum Seeker cases

    I might like the 8X10. Big question on these is do they accept mounts like other egg-shaped brands' cases? How much extra is there?
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    WTB: Modern Ludwig Classic Maple 20 or 22 or 16X18 floor in Sky Blue Pearl

    Looking to add to a shell bank. Prefer 14X22 or 14X20 bass along with an 18 floor. Basically, I would consider anything SBP and with cast badges and not vintage.
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    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    Was it like this Ludwig poster I had? I believe there was a silhouette key on it in the lower right corner.