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  1. jtpaistegeist

    Paiste expands Signature line for 2021!

    The Power series are back, and more!
  2. jtpaistegeist

    2020 Ludwig Classic Maple Fab Outfit - 22,13,16 - Vintage Black Oyster - With Factory Boxes - $1700

    Hey all, I have a like new Classic Maple kit for sale. Purchased new in March 2020, zero issues, still have the factory boxes from Ludwig. Sizes are 22x14, 13x9, 16x16 in Vintage Black Oyster. This kit sounds and looks excellent. Kit will come with lightly used stock heads, coated vintage...
  3. jtpaistegeist

    bad person Stupid deal 'o the day - $49 Mapex 14" Snare

    For anyone that needs a cheapie snare!
  4. jtpaistegeist

    OT - Need advice on Classic 50's Hammond B3 outfit

    Hey all, My stepfather is an avid organ and piano player that was very unfortunately diagnosed with parkinsons disease several years ago. He has decided to part with his classic Hammond B3 with pedals and TWO leslie cabs, all nearly mint 50's era (this thing is beautiful). I humbly ask for...
  5. jtpaistegeist

    Gretsch Brooklyn Series Snare 6.5/14 - Reduced $325 Shipped!

    Hey all, I have an excellent condition Brooklyn Series Snare drum for sale. Overall a 9.5/10 condition. Got this drum new from Sweetwater a couple years ago. Has only seen a few hours of use, otherwise stored. Satin finish with 302 hoops, original heads, silver sealer inside. Super...
  6. jtpaistegeist

    A Saturday night treat for jazz fusion fans.

    Edit: I suggest following the channel if you dig this. (I have no affiliation)
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    Remo heads - Coatings on Emp & Amb

    Hey all, Hope everyone is using the time at home for ridiculous amounts of jamming and fam time! I recently bought a Ludwig CM kit & Remo heads to replace the factory clear Emps. Went back and forth and decided I like the Vintage Coated Emps. Long story short, the coating on the Vintage...
  8. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Paiste Masters Dark Crash 20"

    Hey all, I have a 20" Masters Dark Crash for sale. Excellent condition. A nice versatile dark crash & light ride, lots of dark shimmer. $250 shipped in the CON USA. Thanks! Justin
  9. jtpaistegeist

    sold! Paiste Modern Essentials 15" Hi Hats

    Hey all, Probably going to regret this, but I am selling my 15" ME Hats. Pristine condition, only a few stick marks/fingerprints. Great for anything from jazz to rock, record beautifully. Only selling to fund adding onto my new Ludwig CM kit, and I have too many cymbals! Excellent...
  10. jtpaistegeist

    New kit ordered - Ludwig Classic Maple

    Took the plunge today and placed an order for a Ludwig Classic Maple Fab 22 - 3 pc kit in Vintage Black Oyster. 14x22, 16x16, 9x13. I am almost completely new when it comes to Ludwig drums. I only own one 8x14 Copperphonic, and have never owned a full kit. Really excited & apprehensive about...
  11. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Paiste Masters 22" Dark Ride Cymbal

    Hey all, I am selling my Paiste Masters 22" Dark Ride. Lightly used, in perfect condition, only some stick marks/fingerprints. A very nice specimen with dark woody stick definition, complex shoulder crashes & musical integrated bell. A GREAT main ride for jazz. Approx ~2600 grams on my...
  12. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Paiste Masters 20" Dark Ride Cymbal - $225 Shipped!

    Hey all, I have a nearly new condition Paiste Masters 20" Dark Ride for sale. Only has a few stick marks. I bought this one new from Sweetwater and have barely used it. $225 Shipped in the CON USA. Crazy deal here $440 new! This one is thin and very crashable, woody stick sound, somewhat...
  13. jtpaistegeist

    No longer for sale! - Paiste Masters 20" Dark Ride

    No longer for sale! Thanks! Justin
  14. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Sabian 19" AA Holy China Brilliant

    Hey all, I have a 19" AA Holy China for sale. Like new condition. Very thin/trashy and responsive China. $120 Shipped in the CON USA. Note: No dents in this cymbal, just some lighting weirdness there! Thanks! Justin
  15. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD! Paiste Twenty 10" Splash $70 Shipped

    Hey all, I have a Paiste Twenty 10" Splash for sale. In good used condition, has some logo fading and stick marks. Nice dark heavier splash, has a nice bell, 395 Grams. $70 Shipped in the CON USA. Thanks! Justin
  16. jtpaistegeist

    SOLD!! Sabian HHX Evolution Crashes 17" & 19" Reduced $285 Shipped!

    Hey all, I have a pair of excellent condition HHX Evo Crashes for sale. Very lightly used, no issues. Matched pair that sound great together! $285 shipped in the CON USA. The 19" alone is $359 new! Thanks! Justin
  17. jtpaistegeist

    Sold- Sabian HHX Legacy 22 Heavy Ride -

    Hey all, I have for sale: -22" HHX Legacy Heavy Ride. Perfect condition, purchased new last year and barely used, only a few stick marks. Versatile ride with nice semi-dry sticking and dark low wash. Great jazz ride. Thanks! Justin
  18. jtpaistegeist

    Sabian AAX Xplosion Fast Crashes 17" & 19" SOLD!!

    Good Monday morning all, I have 17" & 19" Sabian AAX Fast Crashes for sale. These are basically new, just a few fingerprints. These were purchased together as a pair, pitch/weight matched. Great sounding and versatile thin crashes, IMO like a sightly higher pitched HHX Evo. (Old style...
  19. jtpaistegeist

    Mehmet & Bosphorus Cymbals

    Its been a while since I delved into the Turkish cymbal market. I only own a few odds and ends from Mehmet ATM. Been eyeing some Bosphorus rides and hats in the Turk series. Can anyone give me an idea if these are what I am after feel/volume wise? The last time I tired a Turk was a 20 thin...
  20. jtpaistegeist

    Roasted shells?

    In the guitar world, roasted necks are all the rage. Would this be a good idea for drum shells? The guitar necks certainly are very smooth feeling, seem more dense/sturdy, and are said to be much more stable under various conditions. A Fender Tele with Roasted Neck...