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  1. UptownShakedown

    Ludwig Pioneer snare - year?

    Picked up a very clean Ludwig Pioneer snare from CL - any guesses on a year from the Ludwig historians on here? No stamps or markings inside but the white paint is surprisingly clean. The last thing I needed was another snare but the price was nice and I'm a sucker for a 6-lug drum. Also, finish...
  2. UptownShakedown

    New Keith Carlock Signature Snare by Gretsch

    Sounds good, looks good! Any thoughts?
  3. UptownShakedown

    New-to-me Slingerland Radiokings 13/16/26

    Hey folks, wanted to share this Radioking kit I picked up a few months ago. It is definitely a players kit and not for the vintage purist but these drums SING with so much tone and warmth. The bass drum is the star of the show with boom for days. I play it wide open aside from a little bit of...
  4. UptownShakedown

    Zildjian 20'' Sweet Crash

    Hey DFO, selling this 20 inch Zildjian Sweet Crash. Pretty much as close to new, lightly used as possible. Bought new from Guitar Center online, played it for a day and realized it wasn't for me. Great cymbal and very versatile but I think the cluster crash or something thinner would pair best...
  5. UptownShakedown

    Who buys super kits? Hey gents, after seeing the above post on a used Steven Adler kit for a totally reasonable $90k (plus shipping!) I'm wondering to myself who is buying these historical kits? Who is buying a top hat and cane...
  6. UptownShakedown

    80's Yamaha brass snare - cracks common?

    Hey there, seeing a Yamaha brass 6.5x14 SD-496 up for grabs on Craigslist and there is a crack in it. Owner says that is common and wanted to confirm with the group thats the case. It's a metal snare so aside from it getting worse over time is there anything to worry about here? Thanks!
  7. UptownShakedown

    Killer 14x5 Solid Shell Classic Cherry Snare Drum from N&C

    Lot of thwap here - woud love to hear any insight from anyone who owns one.
  8. UptownShakedown

    Best way to fix this cymbal crack?

    Hey boys, any idea on the best way to fix this crack on my 20 inch cluster crash??
  9. UptownShakedown

    Slingerland kit found in the wild.

    Hey folks, I wanted to share this new Slingerland kit I picked up with the forum. I think it's mahogany 20/14/12/14x5 COB snare but hopefully some of the Slingerland historians on here can provide more detail. It's a groovy little kit with pretty warm tones, fun sizes and a very classy natural...
  10. UptownShakedown

    Pretty cool 1969 players grade Ludwig Super Classic up for grabs - worth it or no? I'm cool with most of the beauty marks here as I'm looking for something to play, not put it in a museum. I love the faded WMP, wraps seems OK and like it could be cleaned up of scuffs as well as...
  11. UptownShakedown

    Bad sound in Ludwig floortom - bearing edge?

    Hey folks, so I bought a used set of 2018 Ludwig Keystone X's that I love but the floor tom has that "hu-ang" sound that I can't seem to tune out - aside from that the kit is a dream. The drums could have been shipped better and a pretty sizable divot was taken out of the batter side bearing...
  12. UptownShakedown

    Need to replace a bass drum tension rod for a Ludwig Keystone X

    Any ideas on the best option here? Understood if I cant buy just one but would really appreciate a link or confirmation if the below would suffice - thanks...
  13. UptownShakedown

    Jack White w/Daru Jones on SNL - lets talk about this set-up.

    I'm pretty open-minded and thought Keith Carlocks set-up was whacky when he first came on the seen but this is something else. Trying to be supportive because Daru is a certified dude but damn this is painful looking.
  14. UptownShakedown

    Arbiter snare - thoughts?

    Hey folks, curious on the groups take on Arbiter snares with the single tension tuning system. The kits never really stood out to me but the snares had something cool going on. I have the opportunity to pick one up for a pretty good price so I was curious if anyone had any relevant experience...
  15. UptownShakedown

    Your Top 5 Dead or Alive

    Ladies and gentlemen, lets hear your top 5 drummers of all time, with us still or passed on. I'm sure this has probably been done before but I think this is always a good thread to come back to. I'm not a big fan of treating art like sports so I'm not talking about the Mount Rushmore of drumming...
  16. UptownShakedown

    New kit day - Ludwig Keystone X in Red Swirl

    ...well, new to me. 2018 Ludwig Keystone X in Red Swirl. 10x7, 12x8, 16x16, 22x18 and matching 6.5x14 snare. Love the sizes - these drums sound killer with great projection. Wasn’t expecting to get a wrap but I don’t mind it and think the red swirl will look good under stage lights. Nice price...
  17. UptownShakedown

    80's COB Gretsch snare needs some love

    Hey gents, looking to buy this used 80's Gretsch COB snare online and the finish isn't looking so hot. Curious what can be done here and what the restoration lift would look like if I got it. I can live with some beauty marks and war scars but not sure how I could get the finish to shine. Thanks!
  18. UptownShakedown

    The one that got away.

    Hey DFO, one thing I’ve learned is that when you see a used/vintage instrument and you have a connection to it or haven’t seen something similar before and the price isn’t insanely off, just buy it even if you werent expecting to buy something. I’ve had countless situations where I kicked myself...
  19. UptownShakedown

    New kit - when to compromise?

    Hey folks, the time has come to buy a brand new kit. I've bought used and vintage for years and havent had a new, out-the-box kit in over a decade. I found something online that checks all my boxes - brand, make, sizes, stain and not a wrap, huge discount from list price, free shipping and...
  20. UptownShakedown

    9mm floor tom legs?

    Hey there, I'm looking to get some modern legs for my Radioking floor tom and they are all too big. I got some 9.5mm legs off Amazon thinking they would work and they're too big still but just barely. Can't seem to find modern 9mm legs anywhere - any recs? Really not a fan of the old original...