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    Tuning and sensitivity on 8x14 snares

    Hey guys- Recently got a lightly used Yamaha RC 8x14 birch snare (new model) on reverb. I'm not that experienced with snares of this depth. Snare sounds good when hit hard, but any ghost notes have no snare sound on them. Like I'm hitting a tom. I took off the Evans HD dry I had put on, and...
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    Adding a snare or two to the arsenal

    Hey guys. I’ve been playing for 40 years or so, but just got the home recording bug when the pandemic started. Mostly classic rock. My kit is a Gretsch USA custom, and I’m a Zildjian K guy. I’m probably covered with my three snares for most of what I need, but, you snares! I...
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    Looking for 14 dark hats to record

    Hey guys, I’ve just recently jumped into the home recording thing, playing mostly blues and classic rock. I’m happy with my sound overall. Only issue is my one pair of hats are Zildjian A quick beats. I love them, but they sound noticeably brighter than my K and K custom rides and k custom...
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    Getting started with recording

    Hey guys. I’m 52 and your basic classic rock/blues drummer. I have been asked to collaborate with some old bandmates on some recordings. I am looking to go 4 mic setup and Glyn Johns method of recording. Have an idea of what mics I want. My questions: 1. which DAW software? I am not going to...
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    Looking for Opinions on Sonor 600 series pedal (673)

    I'm looking for a new single pedal. Tried this one out in my local drum store, and found it to be very, very smooth and effortless. Anyone have any feedback on it, positive or negative? I know that it's all subjective, but it felt so good that I'm surprised that it isn't more popular. Yes, I...
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    Upgrading my snare

    Happy 4th everybody! I am going to upgrade my snare for my Gretsch Catalina Birch set. Looking for a wood snare with a nice fat sound. Deeper than 5.5 inches, either 6.5 and tempted by some 8’s. Upper price point is $650 or so. I’m 51, played whole life and am decent in the pocket type...