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  1. jtpaistegeist

    Wonder if Paiste will do something for 2002's 50th aniversary

    Looks like the writing is on the wall concerning Paiste releasing some 2oo2's for the 50th. There are a bunch of 2oo2 protos that just posted on Memphis DS. The same thing happened when they released the new Sigs. Summer NAMM?
  2. jtpaistegeist

    Best Paiste for hard rock?

    Currently recording a heavy, post-rock record for a friend and using the following with great results. I am not a basher though, if you play very heavy handed I would not recommend these, but the Signature Power, Rude, 2oo2 heavy/power/extreme. 14" 602 classic med hats 18" & 20" 602 Modern...
  3. jtpaistegeist

    Size DOES matter!

    My Paiste Rude 10" Splash is definitely more bell-like and aggressive than the 10" Mehmet Traditional. Also, about a 80 gram difference in weight, and different alloy. Always been a splash guy and have owned a hundred at least. There are some that exist that have large (even raw) bell, yet...
  4. jtpaistegeist

    Hats and ride for a banjo-rock, grass-rock band?

    The 15" 602ME Hats go great with the 22" dark Energy MKII. The slightly more mellow DE may work better in a setting such as yours.
  5. jtpaistegeist

    Paiste expands Signature line for 2021!

    I have heard they have no blanks that big in the Sig Alloy, no confirmation on that. I would like to see a 24" Sig Full or Mellow Ride.
  6. jtpaistegeist

    Paiste expands Signature line for 2021!

    The Power series are back, and more!
  7. jtpaistegeist

    Paiste t20 Prototypes - still have yours?

    These are new prototypes of Signature cymbals. T20 are going to be very different.
  8. jtpaistegeist

    Paiste t20 Prototypes - still have yours?

    Memphis Drum Shop is posting loads of Sig and Masters prototypes last few days. Looks like they are going to introduce some light hats, heavy/power crashes and rides into both lines possibly? I's excited at the prospect of light Sig hats, they sound sweet, like a dark crisp top over a medium...
  9. jtpaistegeist

    Any modern cymbals appreciating in value?

    I would add anything that Paiste discontinues to a certain extent. Most of the older models are sought after by Paiste collectors even if they were not popular at the time of production.
  10. jtpaistegeist

    What might replicate this?

    Kind of similar to this 22" Mehmet 70's Nostalgia ride also from Matthias. I have the 20" version at 1710 grams and it sounds very similar as well. Awesome cymbal.
  11. jtpaistegeist

    In search of a new ride

    Wish I still had my 2oo2 Dry Ride. That was a very interesting cymbal.
  12. jtpaistegeist

    In search of a new ride

    I suggest looking at the Dark Energy MKI & MKII Rides. The 22" MKII I have is similar to what you are describing.
  13. jtpaistegeist

    Paiste 602 ME 20 vs 22 ride

    Nice.. I had a Signature 20" Dry Crisp Ride that weighed about 2200 g. It was a great cymbal in every way, wish I still had it. Sounded just like this.. They should still make this one!
  14. jtpaistegeist

    hey, can anyone tell me what type of Meinl these are?

    Looks like the old "Raker" series. Kinda like a Paiste Rude in ways. I tried a 20" ride once and remember it being quite heavy, dry and pingy.
  15. jtpaistegeist

    OT-ish: Worst song ever

  16. jtpaistegeist

    Recording to a metronome?

    Yes, to a click much of the time. With the recording style/programs I use, having everything in time makes it possible to do multiple takes, and exchange ideas over email. Not suggesting quantizing everything, just having the drums grooving in time. With the current environment of covid, I am...
  17. jtpaistegeist

    Do you use your 8” tom?

    My kit with an 8" tom is set up next to me right now. The 8" is on the floor (literally), and the 10,12,14 are up. I do like the 8" tom, but I like the kit ergonomics better with 10,12 up.
  18. jtpaistegeist

    Bass Drum Mic -- again

    I like using the Audix D6 or EV RE20. Sometimes together. You get the modern and classis sounds.
  19. jtpaistegeist

    2020 Ludwig Classic Maple Fab Outfit - 22,13,16 - Vintage Black Oyster - With Factory Boxes - $1700

    Thanks! I am needing a smaller sized kit for an upcoming project. Going 18" or 20" bass drum with 10,12,14 toms.
  20. jtpaistegeist

    2020 Ludwig Classic Maple Fab Outfit - 22,13,16 - Vintage Black Oyster - With Factory Boxes - $1700

    Hey all, I have a like new Classic Maple kit for sale. Purchased new in March 2020, zero issues, still have the factory boxes from Ludwig. Sizes are 22x14, 13x9, 16x16 in Vintage Black Oyster. This kit sounds and looks excellent. Kit will come with lightly used stock heads, coated vintage...