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    Rail mount hardware

    Hey guys, I’m trying to make this ole rail mount whole again. I am not sure these are the correct bottom parts compared to the rail, does this look right? The rail has the large threaded counter sunk holes for the flat head screws. Also, I need the carriage bolt for the clock part on the top...
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    the weirdest craigslist ad pic i have ever seen
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    Oh la la, Ludwig stainless and black beauty Not mine but sure is nice lookin!
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    Does champagne sparkle get cloudy?

    I won't have time to polish this drum until tomorrow night. I was curious if you guys have seen Champagne sparkle get cloudy before. You can see that it's quite a bit more dull than the rack Tom. It doesn't look like there's corrosion in the sparkles but the top layer of plastic seems cloudy...
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    is anyone in manhattan able to do a drum brokerage?

    I found a drum on craigslist and I want it! They are in Midtown manhattan. I contacted them about shipping it to me but someone in person could be very helpful.
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    Questionable Ludwig legacy on ebay
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    This guy might have drum you've been looking for!
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    Ludwig Thunderbass! These are kinda awesome
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    My Citrus Mod Rewrapped Jazzfest

    I had a ludwig standard series jazzfest shell for a while and when I saw this new Citrus Mod printed wrap by the drum bum wrap company, I thought I might as well check it out. It looks great in the pics on their website. I threw this thing together and it looks pretty good! There were no...
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    awesome citrus/black panther ludwigs on ebay! pls someone buy me these?
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    Citrus Mod 18" Floor Tom with Black Panther covering
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    ludwig champagne sparkle 16" keystone clear interior

    whole drum or just the shell, doesn't need to be the perfect specimen!
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    Citrus Mod rewrap on ebay looked pretty good

    I'd like to get some of this stuff if it is out there. I could use some for a jazzfest. This stuff looks legit enough, much better than the jammin sam's material. Anyone know this person...
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    Show me examples of classic recordings of bop kits

    So I'm impressed with everyone's bop kits, heck I even own a 12x18 Ludwig marcher turned bass drum. I can say that I don't necessarly have a good idea of the quintessential bop bass drum sound and when it was used and why everyone goes goo goo over them. Anyone want to post some YouTube vids?
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    Well this is frickin cute
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    Gretsch three plies?

    Hey check out this pic from a gretsch set at my local music go round. What am I looking at here?
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    Hey Indy people, John Bonham's green sparkle set is at the rhythm discovery center!

    I saw it on ludwig's Facebook. It also looks like Michael shrieve's Woodstock set might be there too! I'm gonna be up there in three weeks and I hope the exhibit is still there but one of you locals needs to get there and check it out!
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    I'm hauling some vintage drums to Missouri to play some vintage music with a vintage Ms Wanda Jackso

    Hey guys, Wednesday night in Comlumbia MO and Thursday night in St Louis I will be drumming for Wanda Jackson! My band has backed her before and I normally play piano but my drummer is sick so my sub is playing piano and I moved over to the drums. I haven't played the drums out in years but...
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    Hey Rogers guys, are these original?

    I'm at a club in Evanston and they have a sweet studio in the green room. They have these Rogers drums and I thought they were rewraps but they have these dealer tags on them. Is this a powertone? They are 20-12-14. Looking clean.