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  1. panickjm

    Favorite 13" snare?

    REMO 13x4 that I have had since the mid 90's. Sounds really good in mid to low tunings and records very well. $90 well spent as I put many a mile on it!
  2. panickjm

    Check out Joe Jones

  3. panickjm


    Thin sole dress shoes, penny loafers ect.
  4. panickjm

    OT: What are you and what have you been?

    a Leer a Silver Sky a Stay Dog a Miracle Mile a Urban Scum a Crawdaddy
  5. panickjm

    How many here don't play in a band?

    Last band I was in retired out late 1999. By that time i was exhausted so a break made sense. Did a few recording after that but realized I didn't want to devote the time again to a band and haven't played out in years now. I do miss it sometimes. I do not miss the load in and load out! Cheers...
  6. panickjm

    Steve Earle

    More Love for Steve Earle :occasion5:
  7. panickjm

    Psssst. Tomorrow is Bun Carlos' Birthday :)

  8. panickjm

    My First Rogers!

    Nice Kit and good price! Congrats!! I am a Rogers fan and had a set like yours except in natural maple, real wood finish not a wrap. I was the 2nd owner and don't know the year....anyone? Very very good sounding drums and the modern hardware worked great always. For me the bass spurs look...
  9. panickjm

    OT: Harley Davidson

    Take a good look at and test ride a (NTB), new Triumph Bonneville. These were brought back in 2001, same year I have. It's been great for a all around bike and even toured it 1700 miles last summer. These are in the same price points as Harely Sportster models. Google and learn. Test rides...
  10. panickjm

    Who Would You Have Chosen?

    Stanton Moore Steve Smith Jeff Hamilton Stephen Ferrone
  11. panickjm

    My Newest Music Paintings

    Good work ! :occasion5:
  12. panickjm

    Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Cool thread! I always loved Nigel Olsen's playing with Elton. What a great surprise Elton John was !!! I have forgotten the year, mid 70's, but the guitar player in our band and I wandered into Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood and Nigel was there. I wanted to say hello and compliment the...
  13. panickjm

    After 2 years on the road...back in Australia

    Sounds amazing, thanks for the post!
  14. panickjm

    if you could have any drums...

    :icon_smile: these
  15. panickjm

    5-21-11 post-apocalyptic roll call

    Was playing my old Gretsch kit last night and thought I was in heaven. Then I realised I still suck at drums and knew nothing had changed :shock:
  16. panickjm

    Post Rapture Funk

    Nice !
  17. panickjm

    In praise of the Super Ten

    I have had this one for a few years now. Best snare I have ever played and certainly owned. Mine appears to be a very early one and in almost mint condition. For the $200 I paid I feel very fortunate indeed! I should take a few more pics of it I guess. Anyway, as it's been said, these are great...
  18. panickjm

    Derek Munson thinks he's John Bonham...

    Thank you ! LOVED IT :notworthy: