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  1. Drumworm

    Neil Peart and the Ludwig era...

    IDK... I just have a soft spot in my heart for Chromey.
  2. Drumworm

    Thank you Guitar Center

    I have the same kit only with the 16" deep BD. Awesome kit and that was an a stupid good deal. Congrats!
  3. Drumworm

    Meinl Byzance Ride & Crash

    Crash has been sold. Free shipping on the ride!
  4. Drumworm

    Tom above hats? and other unusual setups

    A very Taylor Hawkins'ish set-up.
  5. Drumworm

    A Little Pick Me Up (featuring the late great Richie Hayward)

    What an absolutely awesome performance. The band and the crowd were having such a great time. And... Richie was Richie!
  6. Drumworm

    Wolfgang Van Halen's new band.

    Glad WVH did his own thing and didn't go down the Van Halen sound route. One of the worst mixes I've heard in a long time... did nothing for the song.
  7. Drumworm

    Your Drum Room

  8. Drumworm

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    NYE... felt great to get back on the stage.
  9. Drumworm

    " Let the Day Begin" : The Call

    Here is Michael's son and his band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club performing their version of the song.
  10. Drumworm

    Meinl Byzance Ride & Crash

    Near mint Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin 18” Crash. SOLD Near mint condition Meinl Mike Johnston 21” Signature Transition Ride. Over $100 off the retail price. $325
  11. Drumworm

    One tune that blew you away.

    The first time heard this my state of mind was possibly altered a bit... I was floored.
  12. Drumworm

    Greasy Grooves

  13. Drumworm

    Problem: Half Time Shuffle - Rosanna (TOTO)

    Why not learn from the man himself...
  14. Drumworm

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Had two flawless transactions with @sixplymaple. Enjoy the cymbals!
  15. Drumworm


    Just a random gig pic I like. Finals of the 2018 Greater Cincinnati Band Challenge. We finished second out of 70+ bands. Nearly a two months process. Was a great experience and a lot of fun, but don't know if I would want to do it again.
  16. Drumworm

    Click tracks

    Tempo by Frozen Ape is great for counting in songs. You can set it for how many count in measures you want, and set it to move to the next song once the count in is complete. Then all you have to do is hit play for the next count in.
  17. Drumworm

    Taylor Hawkins on the Trixons

    Very cool... and a great performance...
  18. Drumworm

    Lots O' Paistes - Mostly Sigs

    New prices posted on what is left.
  19. Drumworm

    Lots O' Paistes - Mostly Sigs

    Three of these pies left... get a great deal like the other buyers have!
  20. Drumworm

    Price Drop - Pork Pie, Tama

    Ready to move the two snares that are left!