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  1. patrickwitherow

    P83 needs a fix...FIXED!

    Hello - my 1965 Acro has a P83 and it works great. However, recently something feel out on the back of the strainer causing it to become unhinged at times. It's s simple fix to manually push the hinge back in, but it's not reliable of course. Here are some photos of the strainer zooming in...
  2. patrickwitherow

    Cleaning Nickel Hardware

    I just got a '59 Pioneer with nickel hardware. It's a bit cloudy...can anyone recommend a good polish for nickel to help bring back its shine a little? I started cleaning up the WMP wrap last night with some water/soap and an application of Novus2. I've got a fee more steps, but so far its in...
  3. patrickwitherow

    Ludwig Bowtie Lug Question

    Quick question...did Ludwig ever produce chrome over brass bowtie lugs? I've got an Acro from 1965 with cob hoops. Here is a photo of the inside of one of the lugs. Is there a way tell if it might be brass...or did those even exist? Thanks!
  4. patrickwitherow

    1959 Ludwig Transition Badge Pioneer

    I have my first Ludwig Pioneer on the way. I've heard some pretty good things about these snares and am looking forward to seeing how it plays. It has a Transition badge and a black ink date stamp of Sept. 4 1959 with a '14' chalk mark (no painted interior). It has a depth of 5.5" and has the...
  5. patrickwitherow

    '65 Acrolite with COB hoops

    Hello - I somehow stumbled over an article or maybe an ad for a snare for sale and read about the COB hoops. I then decided to compare my late 70's Supra hoops to my '65 Acrolite hoops. I hit each hoop with a stick and the '65 Acro hoop rung like a bell...forever. The late '70's Supra hoop just...
  6. patrickwitherow

    WFL Snare Question

    Hello all. I'm starting to look more and more into getting a vintage WFL snare (not the newer WFL III). Is there any specific model that stands out or specific size? I've seen some that are 15" and some that are 6.5" depths. I'm not too familiar with what they offered - but would like to learn...
  7. patrickwitherow

    Tom Mic's

    Hello all. So working remotely since March has allowed me to play/practice a whole lot more than usual. I actually just started working back in the office again - and I'm really missing my drum breaks I'd take between phone meetings, etc. With all the playing I was doing, I started to get...
  8. patrickwitherow

    First live show with my 1960's Ludwig's this weekend

    With the craziness starting back in Feb/March, I pretty much stopped playing live in a band like many of us had to do. I recently got invited to play at an outdoor gig this Sunday (at my church) where I'll be mic'd up on the toms, snare, bass and an overhead. I usually play the church kit which...
  9. patrickwitherow

    UV Damage?

    Hello all. I've got a 1969 13x9 Ludwig 3-ply in Blue Sparkle. Does this look like UV damage or something that could be fixed somehow? I have already used Novus2 and TurtleWax on the shell. Of course with the heads/hoops on, it isn't as noticeable since the dark blue section is hidden. I wanted...
  10. patrickwitherow

    Novus 2

    Quick question...I'm in the process of cleaning up my two '60s Ludwig kits. One is Blue Sparkle and the other Oyster Blue Pearl. Is there a best method in using Novus 2 on these wraps? I just want to make sure I'm using enough and not too little or too much or applying too hard, etc. Thank you...
  11. patrickwitherow

    1963/1967 Ludwig Keystone Kit Arrived

    My 1963/1967 Ludwig Keystone kit arrived today. Here are the specs: Oyster Blue Pearl 22x12 Pre-Serial badge - red-ink date stamp of Feb. 6, 1963. Clear interior with maple inner ply. 13x9 1967 w/ white interior 16x16 1967 w/ white interior The 22x12 is an awesome bass drum. Compared to my...
  12. patrickwitherow

    **Sold** Brady 12x7 Sheoak Block Snare

    Brady 12x7 Sheoak block snare in natural lacquer finish. Craftsmanship in this drum is superb. Chris Brady really knew (knows) how to build them and build them well. The drum features a Dunnett throw-off that Brady used before transitioning to the Trick throw-off. The Dunnett throw is very...
  13. patrickwitherow

    Faded Sparkle

    Hello - is there a way to treat/clean faded/clouded sparkle wraps? I've got a blue sparke kit that has some areas of cloudiness or fade. Thanks for any suggestions!
  14. patrickwitherow

    Tuning 13x9 3-ply Ludwig

    Hello everyone! I've got my 60's Ludwig kit sounding great. The bass and floor tom were pretty easy to tune up and are wide open except for a felt strip on the reso bass head. I like the big, boomy, resonance sound. I'm having a little trouble on the 13" tom though. When I tune the top/bottom...
  15. patrickwitherow

    Ludwig 3 plys

    I was going over my Ludwigs after they arrived and wondered what types of wood were used when making the 3-ply shells. I heard for a time they used Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany then around 1968/1969 they started using Maple on the outside (if painted) or Mahogany on the outside (if...
  16. patrickwitherow

    1968 Ludwig bass drum head

    Hello all - I recently purchased a 1968 Ludwig kit (painted interiors except the 13 which is dated 1969). The kit sounds amazing. No muffling, everything wide open. I would like to experiment some with different heads though. The kit came with a brand new Ebony PS3 batter and the WeatherMaster...
  17. patrickwitherow

    Bumper Sticker

    I live in coastal Georgia about an hour north of Jacksonville, FL. and an hour south of Savannah, GA. It's a smaller town with your typical handful of local bands that play on weekends. In other words, the music scene isn't booming or anything. Today I was dropping some boxes of items off at...
  18. patrickwitherow

    Brady Serial #?

    I just came across this on ebay. I'm not selling it - I just want to make sure it's legit for any potential buyers out there. What struck me was the photo of the internal label (it doesn't have the Brady logo on it - sort of odd), the serial # and date. Did Brady make drums in 2016? I know they...
  19. patrickwitherow

    Supra B/O 'pointed' badge

    Quick question - what is the year range when these were produced? I thought they were from the mid to late 70's - or am I wrong? I have a Supraphonic LM400 with the pointed badge with no date stamp. I thought these were produced in the late 70's?
  20. patrickwitherow

    Recording Question

    Not sure if this is the correct area to be posting this in on DFO - but I've got a few questions regarding simple drum home recording. Would it be ok to post here - or in another area of DFO? Thanks!