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  1. levelpebble

    Three Yamaha hex tom arms

    One has the long arm, two are short arm. Each with the lock. They have evidence of tension on the ball, but they hold tightly, fully functional. $15 each pl/sh.
  2. levelpebble

    WMP Camco Oaklawn 20 14 12 w/snare

    Seeing Manny's beautiful champagne tuxedo kit prompted me to move this kit to the front of the cleanup line. I picked this kit up in Indiana over the summer from the son of the original owner; fortunately the original owner is still alive, so I was able to collect a bit of the history of the...
  3. levelpebble

    *SOLD* Mid 70s Ludwig 3 ply Downbeat 12 14 20 Excellent Condition

    Beautiful all-original kit, no mods, no holes, no issues here. 14x20, 8x12, 14x14. Includes the period correct Ludwig cymbal L-arm. All serials are 1,137,xxx. All drums are three ply, clear interiors, with original sharp 45 degree bearing edges in beautiful condition. No fade or cracks in the...
  4. levelpebble

    *SOLD* Gretsch Round Badge Name Band Silver Sparkle Collecters Quality $1950

    Beautiful Mid 60s kit with almost zero issues. 14x20, 16x16, 9x13, with matching 5x14 snare. This was a one-owner kit in DC, before I acquired them a few years ago. Original owner babied them, stored them in naugahyde bags, and hadn't touched them in years. All original, no mods, no extra...
  5. levelpebble

    **SOLD** '68 Ludwig Hollywood silver sparkle $1050

    I've got this nice player's kit posted on Reverb, and I accepted an offer that I now don't feel will finalize, so I'm offering it here at the offered price of $1050 p/s. Here's the link- Ludwig Hollywood 1968 Silver Sparkle...
  6. levelpebble

    Now I've seen it all ... Slingerlands in the Shower...

    From an estate sale ad in Houston.
  7. levelpebble

    SOLD ~1984 Ludwig Rocker II Kit $500

    Exceptionally clean kit in standard sizes 14x22, 16x16, 9x13, 8x12, and matching 5x14 snare. From what I understand, 4 ply shells on toms and snare, 6 ply on bass. Factory sprayed interiors. I gave this kit a complete cleaning; it was so nice and original, I just left the original heads on. No...
  8. levelpebble

    **SOLD** Pre serial Oyster Blue Pioneer $650

    I have a nickel h/w pioneer without a kit, so I'm releasing this to someone looking to complete theirs. Shell and wrap are near perfect, just gorgeous. Wrap goes into scarf joint as it should. The interior MAY have been resprayed, as there is some paint residue on the inside lip of the...
  9. levelpebble

    SOLD - Rogers Cleveland 12 14 20 $1400 Silver Glass

    This is just about the ultimate players kit. Original wrap with the 12 and 20 matching, the 14 slightly darker. No holes or mods on the 12 or 20, the floor has two tiny holes on either side of the reso hoop; prev owner said he had placed accessories there. This was a local DC pros kit, and the...
  10. levelpebble

    **SOLD** Rogers Eagle Badge Kit w/Snare $1400

    Time to let these go. Beautiful Spotlight 14x20, 9x13, and 5x14, with sequential tags. Very very early in the swivomatic era, around 1957/58. Beautiful edges and wrap is nearly flawless. H/w is gorgeous. Now, many of the bread and butters were cracked when I acquired this kit. I performed the...
  11. levelpebble

    ANOTHER Rogers Bop Find? Incredible!

    Had to pick this up yesterday, here in the DC area. One pic in the ad, shown, besides some paper tag shots. No sizes, nothing, except " I've got several other kits for sale". Now that is my kind of hint. I really was hoping it was a 20 so I would be able to resist the temptation to buy, as I...
  12. levelpebble

    **SOLD** PRICE DROP -TWO '67 Ludwig Super Classic 3 ply kits. Champagne and Silver Sparkle

    Both of these kits are completely original and in excellent condition. No mods. All six drums sport April 1967 stamps. The champagne kit is a tad bit cleaner on the inside. I would say this is a zero fade kit. When I acquired this kit, it was in fibre cases. The Joe Morello silver sparkle kit...
  13. levelpebble

    TODAY - St Louis county estate sale Rogers b&b?

    Top snare looks Rogers to me ... Rest look mij. Midas touch estate sales.... 11724 Frontier Dr Saint Louis, MO 63146
  14. levelpebble

    SOLD Rogers 24 Black wrap 9/72

    Players drum in decent shape, in round, with great edges. Original wrap is solid, just normal scratches. Completely cleaned. The batter hoop needed some strengthening, but all is well now after a clamp job. 95% of the inlay is present. One swivo and the knobby are unoriginal, the...
  15. levelpebble

    SOLD - Price drop - Late 70's Tama Fibrestars - $750

    Excellent condition, completely cleaned. 22 16 13 12. Mostly original heads. As you may know, Fibrestar wrap is very thin and prone to cracks. The 13" wrap was cracked near the tone control; I glued it back down and it is secure. The 12 had a superficial wrap crack; also secured. These toms...
  16. levelpebble

    SOLD-Slingerland Red Tiger Stage Band

    20x14, 14x14, 13x9, 12x8, with matching six lug snare. I posted a bunch of pics of this kit on the dfo vintage venue a couple of weeks ago, all data and much discussion there. Here is the link: This is a...
  17. levelpebble

    Slingerland Red Tiger Stage Band

    I posted a quick pic of these back when I picked them up. Finally got them cleaned up, although they were already in pretty good shape. 14x20, 14x14, 9x13, 8x12, with matching 6 lug snare. All serials close, around 1967/68. Chocolate milk interiors. The toms came sans reso hardware; I replaced...
  18. levelpebble

    WFL BeBop/Compacto Complete Kit Find

    So you may have seen this kit on fee-bay when it was listed back in May. I was able to negotiate via back-channel, and picked it up last week from the Quad Cities area when I was traveling in the Midwest visiting family. The gentleman was the second owner, and had not touched them since he went...
  19. levelpebble

    SOLD - 70s Slingerland 9x13 3 ply

    Shell and edges are in excellent condition, wrap is original, if a little dirty. I have not cleaned this up at all. 330xxx serial. This drum was a match to the 12 16 22 I documented here a couple of months ago that had severe sticker fade disease; this drum was not affected, so I did not apply...
  20. levelpebble

    SOLD - 1965 Slingerland 20 16 13 14x5

    This kit is in as-found condition, although still pretty clean actually. The 20 and 13 are dated 1965; the 20 and snare have close b&g Niles badges. No badge on the 13, which is as expected. All clear Maple interiors. The 16 was added later, a b&s Niles badge around 1970, chocolate milk. The...