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  1. hawker

    OT: Anyone Own a Mini Cooper?

    My entire life (I'm 71) ALL of my cars had to be big enough to carry a set of drums. However I'm a bit of a car guy and recently I've gotten pretty interested in the newer Mini Cooper. I've read ALL the horrible things about this car but since BMW has actually taken over the building of them...
  2. hawker

    Zildjian Live Concert-Ash Soan

    Just stumbled on this and frankly don't know who Ash loan is....but this sure works for me! Check out the "no fill" at 4:24 but the entire thing is killer.
  3. hawker

    Did You Buy This AGOP 30th??

    I know this is a bit odd...but maybe not if you have a tendency to hang out here? I ran across the 18" 30th Anniversary on Memphis Drums/Cymbals Only and it looks like it has been sold in the last year. If you totally hate it I'd be interested in helping you out of your misery or... if you...
  4. hawker

    Book: Drummin' Men: The Bebop Years

    Anyone have a copy of Burt Korell's book, The Bebop Years you'd like to sell? Doesn't have to be in new condition, just readable. Thanks. Steve M.
  5. hawker

    Who is still using Bosphorus on your Jazz gigs...even though you can afford anything?

    Like many of you, I have bounced around over the last thirty years from Zildjian, Sabian, Bosphorus, AGOP, Crescent, etc. Of course, never really finding Nirvana but I suspect it lies with Old Ks. None the less...just wondering if I've missed much from Bosphorus in the last 5-6 years? I'm...
  6. hawker

    I Need Hearing Aid Advice

    To make a long story short, after fifty years of playing I pulled the plug completely about two years ago. I was playing a two-three times a month and all of a sudden started realizing I was having some issues on the band stand. Others noticed something was off as well. Bottom line; I've lost...
  7. hawker

    Jazz-Blues in Orange County?

    Folks, I'll be in Orange County (Anaheim) the entire week of March 25. Any suggestions for some good jazz anywhere in the area? I won't have a car so will have to Uber and don't really care for going all the way to L.A. Thanks much!
  8. hawker

    Jazz in Philly?

    Looks like I'll be in Philly Sept. 21-23. What's the best site to check to see what Jazz is available in local clubs or venues that weekend? Are there two or three clubs that bring in really good jazz artists that you would recommend? Thanks much! Steve
  9. hawker

    It's Now Officially Doctor Steve Gadd

    Steve received his doctorate yesterday from the University of Rochester/Eastman School of Music.
  10. hawker

    Anyone Have Experience With the Bos Lyric Ride?

    I'm particularly interested in the 21" and just wondering how it has worked for you guys?
  11. hawker

    WTB: Zildjian Hi Bell Ride

    Looking for a Hi Bell, if you have one you know what I'm looking for. Would prefer a 20" but might consider a 22" but really need to hear a sound file of either. Thanks!
  12. hawker

    Hey Cajon Guys

    I know there are a few cajon players here...and wondering if any of you have tried the Roland EC-10M Processor? NOT the EL10 which is the electronic cajon but the more recent processor that comes with a condenser mic and also a foot pad that allows some volume and threshold adjustments and...
  13. hawker

    Sabian Meet the Masters Tour-Anyone Go?

    Just wondering if anyone has attended one of the stops on the Sabian factory tour? Was it good, did you enjoy it, is it an all day thing or just a couple of hours? Did you buy anything? I'm thinking of driving 5 hours to one and wondering if it's worth the time and money? Thanks.
  14. hawker

    Bosphorus Jazz Master Series-What Happened?

    I saw the Jazz Master series at the 2016 NAMM show but they never really appeared in shops and still aren't out there. Memphis Drums has a listing for them but they never had any for sale? I have a 2016 catalog and they are promoting them with Byron Langham as an endorser. I had heard they...
  15. hawker

    Couple of Slingy Hollywood Ace Questions

    Ran across a Slingerland Hollowood Ace snare for sale at a local shop. They "think" it is around '65 and that seems reasonable to me with what I know...which isn't a lot. The interior is painted "milk chocolate", it has a Niles badge but the badge isn't's more of a coppery color...
  16. hawker

    Your Opinions of the Bosphorus Master Series?

    I'm not talking about the Bos Master Vintage series, but the original Master Series. I stumbled across an 18" crash at 1212gr and just fell in love with it. Now I'm thinking I might want a 20" or 22" ride to pair with it. I know these are super light cymbals and some think they are only...
  17. hawker

    Buddy Dancing with Eleanor Powell

    Singer, dancer, personality and dabbled a bit on the drums. Sheesh, back when you had to do it all. And Eleanor is darn impressive as well. Gotta love it!
  18. hawker

    Col. Bruce Hampton-RIP

    So tragic, he was an Atlanta legend and an incredible number of world class musicians passed through his band; The Aquarium Rescue Unit. He will be missed.
  19. hawker

    Are any of these guys married?

    Of these drummers I really admire, how many are married? Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Hamilton? I know Gadd is happily married but just never heard anything about the others. Just wondering?
  20. hawker

    For Buddy Fans

    I watch the free offerings from JALC all the time. A real great opportunity to hear live NYC jazz for free. You just have to sign up at Lifestream. This is a BR Centennial Concert with the JALC Big Band which is second to none...