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  1. ARGuy

    Premier '90s strainer problem/question

    How about running the tape under the clamp, then straight up and through the clamp from the front? It seems like having a double bend would help.
  2. ARGuy

    Does bearing edge conditioner actually work?

    I'm sure it works. Is it necessary? That's another question.
  3. ARGuy

    "Low" "Medium" "High" Snare Drum Tuning

    I think those ranges are determined just as much by your age group as by any kind of measurement. I watch the Sounds like a Drum videos and consistently find that what they label as Low would be unusable for anything I play, and what they refer to as High or Really Cranked is the range that most...
  4. ARGuy

    What Is A Professional Musician

    Being a professional musician is as much about attitude as about whether you get paid. By attitude, I mean things like you show up for whatever it is you're doing on time and prepared. If you're part of a group you put the needs of the group and whoever is paying the bills above your own. That...
  5. ARGuy

    What is the Quality of Heads from DFD

    The country of manufacture is a big factor.
  6. ARGuy

    Am I the only one who had been unaware of Anika Nilles?!

    So, you're a mind reader? Or you have proof that that was his intent? If the answer to both of those questions is "no", then the best you can do is say that it was unintentionally misleading. Unless you're just trolling.
  7. ARGuy

    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    Mapex USA means that Mapex set up a division of the company that is in charge of operations within the US, rather than trying to run the US operations from their Asian headquarters. Yamaha has had a Yamaha USA division for decades. So has Pearl. It has nothing to do with where the products are...
  8. ARGuy

    Gretsch Brooklyn Chrome over Hammered Brass?

    Yes, that's the one!
  9. ARGuy

    Gretsch Brooklyn Chrome over Hammered Brass?

    A friend of mine has a 6.5x14 with the 302 hoops for sale locally. Anyone owned or played one?
  10. ARGuy

    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like My Craviotto Snare?

    Care to point out a thread or post where someone has wondered why they're going to have to spend thousands to get a snare drum that sounds good? I guess you're offering a solution in search of a problem. I don't have a problem with you seeing a Craviotto snare drum as something you don't want...
  11. ARGuy

    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    Japanese products went through the same thing Chinese products are going through now. I remember as a kid in the 60's that anything that had "Made in Japan" stamped into it was regarded as cheap junk. I don't know if my parents generation ever did accept Japanese products as quality, but they...
  12. ARGuy

    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like My Craviotto Snare?

    If you want to base your opinions of a product on second hand information gleaned from a video played over the internet rather than experiencing it yourself first hand, sure. Why do you have a problem with others buying and playing something you don't want to spend your money on?
  13. ARGuy

    Please help me find a product

    I have an app called Clearpitch on my phone.
  14. ARGuy

    Quality of Recent Mapex Drums

    I wouldn't say that Mapex was ever a lower quality drum line; I would say that they started out like most Asian drum companies by making drums that aimed for the entry-level market. Entry-level doesn't have to mean low quality, and the quality of the first Mapex kits was just fine. They've done...
  15. ARGuy

    Ludwig Tension Rod Help

    Ludwig tension rods are the same diameter and thread as the tension rods used by virtually every other modern drum company - 12/24. If you order regular generic tension rods, that's what you should receive. If you got something that's a larger diameter, either the seller didn't know what they...
  16. ARGuy

    I thought 60's Supraphonic Snares Came with 2.3 Hoops

    Yeah, this mis-assumption comes up when someone buys their first vintage Supra that they were told was original except for heads and maybe snare wires, and instead of having "beefy vintage hoops" (as one member put it) they think the seller swapped out the originals for cheap light weight...
  17. ARGuy

    DW Performance Series

    Sales Engineer = fancy way of saying Sales.
  18. ARGuy

    DW Performance Series

    Like everyone else, some are, some aren't.
  19. ARGuy

    Dry snare upgrade recommendation

    Any snare drum, wood or metal shell, can ring excessively. The keys are good heads, good tuning and adjustment and a little gaff tape or moongel if desired. IMHO, a single ply shell snare drum for an 8 year old is overkill. (Unless you get extremely lucky and find one at an Acrolite price.) An...
  20. ARGuy

    Anyone playing Taye?

    The Tour Pro ARE (were) first generation thin shelled Taye/Ayotte drums. Pro or semi-pro level drums, not like Yamaha Rydeen.