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  1. ARGuy

    Gretsch Brooklyn Chrome over Hammered Brass?

    A friend of mine has a 6.5x14 with the 302 hoops for sale locally. Anyone owned or played one?
  2. ARGuy

    Vic Firth Doubleglaze?

    Has anyone tried the Vic Firth Doubleglaze sticks? They seem like VF's answer to the Regal Tip feel. I picked up a couple of pairs of 5A's, and to me they feel like Regal Tips, but it would be interesting to hear from someone that uses Regal Tip exclusively.
  3. ARGuy

    Acrolite KB Jun 10 1969

    I just picked up a Ludwig Acrolite with a Jun 10 1969 date stamp. I've done some cleanup, but before I get too far into it I thought I'd check and see if anyone here is looking for a birthday drum. I can post pics and a price if anyone is interested.
  4. ARGuy

    So close . . .

    . . . except for those 2 additional holes drilled into each of the drums. I'm really tempted to email the seller, but that never seems to go well. At least he claims the drums were that way when he bought them...
  5. ARGuy

    Done with shell mounts!

    I had a chance over the last couple of months to finish up a project that had been on the shelf for a long time, and take on a new one as the result of a trade. The first was a bop kit using Acousticon shells. When I first put it together, I had an 18x14 bass drum, a 14x14 floor tom, and a 10x9...
  6. ARGuy

    Acousticon Shells

    I've got three Acousticon 516 shells. They are: 9 x 10 11 x 13 16 x 16 They are drilled for lugs with 1.5" hole spacing, so the Slingerland copy lugs drop right in. The 10 and 13 are drilled for a bracket with 2" hole spacing, and the 16 is drilled for three brackets with 2" hole spacing. All...
  7. ARGuy

    Ayotte Bass Drum - not mine

    This is unusual enough that I thought I'd post this here. I live fairly close to the seller, and I would be willing to help out if anyone is interested.
  8. ARGuy

    Premier Double Tom Mount - Complete

    I have a Premier double tom mount - bass drum bracket, oval-shaped double tom holder and two tom brackets. The only thing missing are the machine screws for mounting the tom brackets to the drum. I'd like to sell it all together, but if there is interest in separating, let me know. $125 plus...
  9. ARGuy

    Old Marching drums - prices added!

    These are all school drums of various ages. The blue and yellow drums: 2 16" Leedy, 1 16" Ludwig, a 15" Ludwig and a 14" Ludwig. The silver sparkle drums are both 15" Ludwigs - the drum with the Mach lugs is actually in pretty good shape with no extra holes; the other one has paint and tape -...
  10. ARGuy

    N & C Alloy Classic

    There's a used N & C Alloy Classic for sale near where I live. Does anyone have one, or has played one and can give their impressions? Thanks!
  11. ARGuy

    Interesting Drum Event happening today

    This popped up on Facebook a couple of days ago. If anyone has a couple of minutes, could you take a look at the website and pretend that you're in the area and would like to go. See if you find anything lacking.
  12. ARGuy

    Best modern match for Ludwig white interior paint?

    I know this has been talked about here before, but I could not get it to show up on a search. What is the best current paint match for white Ludwig interiors?
  13. ARGuy

    VistaSonic snare drum?

    Has this been posted here before...
  14. ARGuy

    Mind Boggling Musical Instrument Auction

    Anyone know anything about this? In Pontiac, Michigan?
  15. ARGuy

    Honey Lantree, RIP

    Cool story.
  16. ARGuy

    8 Spam Topics just posted in General!

    I'm not even going to click on them.
  17. ARGuy

    Now I know what some of you were talking about . . .

    I remember when the forum software changed a wile ago that there was some grumbling about it, with some members becoming less active because of it. I thought, "What's the big deal? Sure, it looks a little different", but other than that, what's the problem? Until I tried to post some photos...
  18. ARGuy

    Marv Dahlgren RIP

    Marv Dahlgren has passed away. He was a percussionist with the Minneapolis Symphony/Minnesota Orchestra for 48 years, and after retiring was on the faculty at McNally-Smith College of Music. He is probably best know for writing the groundbreaking drum set book, 4 Way Coordination. He remained...
  19. ARGuy

    Gretsch Snare ID?

    I have a chance to pick up this drum. It's a 6 x 13, 8 lug, die cast hoops in silver sparkle. Does anyone know what series it's from? Anyone owned or played one? Thanks!
  20. ARGuy

    Zildjian buys Mike Balter Mallet Co.

    Interesting news from the Music and Sound Retailer: The Avedis Zildjian Co. entered into an agreement to acquire the Mike Balter Mallet Co., the worlds largest percussion mallet manufacturer. Weve long respected Mike as a first call percussionist and drummer who founded his own business to...