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    Bird's Eye Views...

    Are these the ultra rare, limited edition egg shaped K Cons?
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    Less stiff, more flowing drum set playing.

    This is a great thread with so many thoughtful replies, though I'm still left questioning whether it's playing fluidity that the OP is after, or whether it's a freer incorporation of all parts of the drum set into regular playing. If the question has to do with the first interpretation, there...
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    How About Songs w/Ride Cymbals That We Liked?

    That's an amazing album too, I have a deep love for all of their 1970's output, and Fichelscher was a perfect foil to Florian Fricke and an incredible multi-instrumentalist. Such inspiring stuff, glad to know there are others out there who dig it too!
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    How About Songs w/Ride Cymbals That We Liked?

    Judicious bell use
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    Low ride cymbal vs. High ride cymbal positioning!

    It's been great seeing a few offset tom set-ups for this, now I don't feel so all alone!
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    22" K Con model characteristics?

    No expert here, but recently got into these as well, and acquired a 22" MTL (2546g) and a 20" Bounce (1688g). The MTL has a dark cushion of wash and a very articulate stick sound, along with a very useable bell and a roaring crash sound. Shank accents sound beautifully trashy, and the cymbal...
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    Hand Made K Cons?

    Still no gash though!
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    Low ride cymbal vs. High ride cymbal positioning!

    Never gave this much thought as for the longest time I've played one up, one down with the ride over the right side of the bass drum. Since recently acquiring a significantly larger kit, I seriously struggled with how to set up the toms while keeping the ride at a comfortable height. At first it...
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    Examples of fluctuating time?

    Laura Nyro was another musician who deliberately sped up and slowed down, and expected her crack bands to follow along. This tendency appears most frequently on her album Eli and the 13th Confession. Off the top of my head, it happens on songs like Lucky, Lu, Sweet Blindness and Timer.
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    Hand Made K Cons?

    Thank you for your thorough reply and enlightening explanation of the process used to make these cymbals. I could see the hammering being programmed, but the gash just seemed especially random when compared to the rest of the cymbal. I was concerned at first, but seeing the same oven crust in it...
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    Hand Made K Cons?

    Getting into K Cons lately, part of which has included ogling over the many different nuances in lathing and hammering from model to model (at least the two I have). I remember reading somewhere here that despite appearing to be hand-manipulated to some degree, even the indentations in the bells...
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    24" Zildjian K Kerope Ride

    Cool! I didn't know they ever made a 24" K Con, but I'm a relative newbie to them. For acoustic and jazz I'd imagine the Kerope is a beautiful, complex and fun to play cymbal. I have no knocks against it other than that I used it in the wrong contex, or needed it to do something it won't. Sounds...
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    24" Zildjian K Kerope Ride

    I used to have one. I bought it after trying it out in person and finding it warm, buttery, dark and beautiful with a woody stick sound. At least that was the impression when heard solo.... ....brought it out to use with my old band (roots rock, jam band type stuff) and it just washed right...
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    Anyone planning/dreaming about a move?

    I'm planning a move Murat, but going north to Keswick rather than the Caribbean. While the weather will no doubt be colder, the small town feel and the real estate value for money can't be beat. Plus the new house has a fire pit out back, so that should balance things out nicely. May even feel...
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    Dropped Facebook

    Gave up Facebook years ago and have been a much happier person since. The selling forums are definitely more active than other places, but my wife still has her account and has posted stuff on my behalf, Just being on Facebook and being exposed to the ridiculous things people...
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    K Con cymbal pairings?

    Thanks, and congrats to you too, it seems we just have impeccable taste in cymbals! I can't speak to the 22" Bounce, but I'd agree that every kind of accent, shank and crash is musical and lush. And as with your 22", all of the wash never overpowers the defined stick sound. Anyhow, enjoy your...
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    K Con cymbal pairings?

    Yeah, that's quite a range, and yet another reminder of the value of knowing the cymbal weight prior to purchase. I'd wager the same ride at 1950g wouldn't have worked nearly as well for me. Part of the reason I jumped on this one once I saw that low weight, as most I've seen are in the...
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    Equipment shortage?

    While I haven't had an issue with heads, I have noticed that all my local drum shops list tons of drums and cymbals on their websites, but actually have very little in stock. The explanation I've received is that it costs them just to stock the gear, and a lot of the expensive stuff sits for a...