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  1. Johnny K

    LP Score!

    Saw a FB post from our community page that said, "...we're giving away 200+ LPs. A mix of jazz, blues and rock..." I immediately said I'll take the jazz records. The guy has taste. In my haul, over 15 Miles Davis records (some notable exceptions missing like Sketches Of Spain, Bitches Brew, The...
  2. Johnny K

    Need an 18" Bass Drum case

    If you got one you want to unload PM me please. Dont want to spend a lot.
  3. Johnny K

    Singing Lessons - Worth it?

    This is to the singing drummers out there in DFO land. Did you just sing and hope to get better or did you take lessons to learn how to sing. More importantly, were they worth the cost? Since we lost our singer/rythmn guitar player we decided to continue as a power trio, with me and the lead...
  4. Johnny K

    Shell woodwork repair & a wrap job needed in Maryland area

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a guy who can do shell dings and cosmetic work to drum shells and also do re-wraps? I have a dinged Renown 12" rack tom and and need a wrap job on another 12" rack tom. I am in the Annapolis, MD area and will drive a 100 mile radius if I have to for good...
  5. Johnny K

    Cool Trick With iPhone SLO MO video setting.

    I was taking video yesterday of my snare to post on FB to show someone the sensitivity of the instrument and accidentally recorded it in the SLO-MO setting. When I played it back, it was the coolest damn thing. Then I figured out how to edit it to make the slow-mo as long or as short as I wanted...
  6. Johnny K

    Drum Rugs (IKEA)

    How many of you own this same 5x7 Ikea rug? I saw it on a video about Remo Fiberskyn drum heads and on of the commenters had made a statement to the effect...Does every drummer have this same crappy IKEA rug? I laughed me ass off and thought he might on to something. So do we all own this same...
  7. Johnny K

    WTB - Gretsch 8"x12" Catalina Club Black Diamond Pearl Rack Tom

    Hi all, I am looking for another needle in the haystack. This time I need the 8x12 rack tom that goes with this kit in the picture. I prefer on is decent shape and with the same badge as the rest of the kit. It is the square badge with the line that starts low under the word catalina and end...
  8. Johnny K

    Tension Rods?

    I wonder if Darth Vader keep a drum key in his pocket?
  9. Johnny K

    Blanking Plate for 22" kickdrum?

    The virgin kick drum thread got me thinking about the need to fix the opposite problem. I saw on the inter-webs that Yamaha makes blanking plates for their kick drums. I have a older square badge Catalina Maple kit and I like not having my toms mounted on it. I mount them on a double tom stand...
  10. Johnny K

    I’ve come to the dark side...

    $200 bucks. To good a deal to turn down. (The kick pedals and HH stand are mine) played thru the amp and PA, The kick pad disrupted my heart beat. I plan to use most of what I can to covert my Pearl Roadshow kit over to an electronic kit. It’s already set up with drumtec real feel heads and L80...
  11. Johnny K

    Old Man Issues - Lower Back Pain

    Lower back is really sore this morning. I have sat behind 4 different kits and 4 different thrones in the last week. Last nights BP on my own DW round-top screw jack throne was the last straw. I cut practice short, couldn't hold a beat by hour 3. Do anyone of you guys bring your own throne to...
  12. Johnny K

    Me vs my bandmates

  13. Johnny K

    Your favorite freebie that you still use.

    I still use the Pearl stick bag that came free with the drums. If it aint broke, dont fix it. I think, given the trim colors, this could have been easily labeled a Gretsch too.
  14. Johnny K

    Phenominal Last Albums

    I'm putting my money where my mouth is. The real Soundgarden left us in the 90's with bang, not a whimper. Zero Chance is one of the best songs ever produced. That release a few years ago is an anomoly so I dont even count it.
  15. Johnny K

    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    Did they change the tip design or did I really wear them out so badly that it's too hard to tell?
  16. Johnny K

    Big Sound From A Tiny Kit

    I made a travel/bop style kit from 3 of my 6 piece Gretsch Catalina Maple shells. I even managed to find a 4 1/2 x 10" Catalina Maple snare drum too. The 16x16 floor tom is a now a kick with a Remo P3 Powerstroke and the reso head is the Evans supplied Gretsch logo batter that came with the...
  17. Johnny K

    LTB: Gretsch 14" (8) Lug Die Cast Hoops for Snare Drum

    If you have a spare set in decent condition lying around that you need to unload, please PM me. Thanks.
  18. Johnny K

    Vintage Gretsch 4160 or New 4160

    Howdy! I was in NYC this past weekend for The Five Boroughs Bike Tour and since I came up a day early I made a point to stop into Steve Maxwell's drum shop, near MSG. I've been wanting a 5x14 4160 for sometime and the price for a brand new one is pretty reasonable. While at Maxwell's shop I...
  19. Johnny K

    RBH Westwood or Gretsch Brooklyn

    Has anyone on here played both? I heard the RBH kit played on the recent Modern Drummer Podcast and was blown away. I currently have a Gretsch Catalina maple kit and wanted to step up to a 12/14/20 Brooklyn shell pack and a USA 5.5x14 COB Snare. Now Im not so sure. The price point for either is...
  20. Johnny K

    Spring is Here - Practicing Outdoors

    I took advantage the great weather here in the Annapolis area to annoy my neighbors for 2 hours. i switched up my 2up 2 down studio kit to 1 up 1 down to free up my 10" and 16" toms to make a bop kit. What you see is a 10/13/14/16. The snare is a 13" metal shelll Pearl Piccolo snare. I hope...