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  1. mikesdrums

    Some Things Never Change

    One pass through the Musicians listing on Craigslist will confirm that musicians must surely be the most delusional group of people on the planet.
  2. mikesdrums

    Doess anyone have experience with Logic Pro X and Studio One 5?

    Dan, I've been using Studio One for years, but I can't compare it to anything else because it's all I know. If you decide to stay with Studio One, I recommend this guy's YT channel: He uses Studio One in all of his how-to videos.
  3. mikesdrums

    I want your old recording setup

    Not at all Not at all. You just open the case on the computer, find an empty expansion slot, and pop the card in. Reboot and Windows 10 should take it from there. Before you order the card, you'll need to know the kind of PCI slots your computer has (you can get the specs online), and you'll...
  4. mikesdrums

    I want your old recording setup

    If your computer is a desktop, it's easy to just add a Firewire card to one of the open slots. My interfaces are ten-year-old Firestudios, and they still work perfectly with a cheap $20 Firewire PCI card in a basic Windows 10 machine. Laptops aren't expandable like desktops, though, so if...
  5. mikesdrums


    Probably the one with fondest memories is this one from about 2015. The Dirty Irv was a short-lived band, only a few months, but every Monday from 10pm to 1am we played classic country to a fun crowd at Adair's Saloon in Deep Ellum.
  6. mikesdrums

    Recording software

    Cute. What's actually going to happen is that you will decide you need effects and plug-ins after all, lots of them. Many of which you will buy and use once or not at all. Then you'll decide you need to close-mic the toms, so you'll need a new interface and some more mics. Then some more mics to...
  7. mikesdrums

    Gretsch Stop Sign 4 pc

    My Gretsch player's kit also came with several extra holes, including five from a Slingerland mount. I just plugged the four small ones with plastic hole plugs from Ace Hardware and repurposed the bigger one for an internal mic jack.
  8. mikesdrums

    Gretsch Stop Sign 4 pc

    That was a good find.
  9. mikesdrums

    Bird's Eye Views...

    Paiste Signatures, 14" Dark Crisp hats, 18" Full Crash, 20" Dry Crisp Ride, 18" Thin China, 15" Fast Crash. Too much to carry around these days, but it's nice to set them up at home.
  10. mikesdrums

    Band Audition

    Is this a working band that will provide income for you or a hobby band that plays once a month for $50 a man and some comped beer? If the former, then it's a job and you just have to weigh the good with the bad and decide which one wins out. If the latter, then you should find a new band...
  11. mikesdrums

    Old CB700 Internationale Double Bass set

    CB700 drums are common. They were sold in a lot of different variations, all of them inexpensive to begin with and not worth much today. The Internationale was at the lower end of the scale, but it's a pretty short scale between the best CB700 drums and the worst. In almost all cases buying two...
  12. mikesdrums

    Do you really need a Supraphonic?

    One Supra, one Black Beauty, and one Acrolite is the Ludwig snare drum collection starter kit. So yes, you need a Supra.
  13. mikesdrums

    Age of players

    I'm always glad when ads specify the age range they're looking for. I know you can't do that with a regular employment ad, but musician ads are less like LinkedIn and more like (or whatever the kids are using these days). If you're looking for someone young and sexy who looks good in...
  14. mikesdrums

    Cool Meazzi Ad, Downbeat Magazine 1969

    While we're on the subject, how is Meazzi pronounced? In my head I pronounce it may-AHT-see.
  15. mikesdrums

    17" paiste signature fast crash

    Yikes, I thought I had sent this as a PM! Not sure how that happened!
  16. mikesdrums

    17" paiste signature fast crash

    Hey, I noticed your WTB ad for a 17" Paiste Signature Fast Crash. I've got a nice one I could sell for what I paid for it, which was $160. Plus actual shipping. I'll pay the PayPal fees. If you're interested, send me your mobile number and I can send you some high-resolution pics. I also have a...
  17. mikesdrums

    Storing the little things

    I like being able to easily find things when I need them. These parts bins help a lot.
  18. mikesdrums

    Ludwig announces change in bearing edge in 1972

    You would have been the coolest kid in fifth grade, that's for sure!
  19. mikesdrums

    quieter jazz ride?

    Try a Kerope. My 20" medium is a beautiful cymbal but much lower volume than others when played with the same dynamics.
  20. mikesdrums

    Your Drum Room

    The room is only 10' x 11', but I manage to fit a lot of stuff into it. Only enough floor space for one kit at a time, though.