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  1. mikesdrums

    What's missing from this Walberg & Auge (?) hi hat stand?

    I have a hi hat stand that came with a 1939-or-so Slingerland Radio King set. The stand is missing something, but I can't tell if it's missing an entire section or if it just needs some kind of specialized clutch and seat for the cymbals. I think it's a W&A 1191, but none of the pictures I've...
  2. mikesdrums

    Hoping to find a caxixi like this one

    I'd like to find a caxixi like the one in this video. The baskets have plastic bottoms, so the sound is much brighter than the typical caxixi. I emailed the fellow who made the video, Justin Curran, and he told me that he's had the caxixi a long time and doesn't remember for sure where it came...
  3. mikesdrums

    Nashville Slingerland Radio King Snare SOLD

    SOLD Nashville Slingerland Radio King snare. Natural maple, eight lugs, brass hoops with RK stamped logo, gloss maple finish, very nice condition. $600 shipped (FedEx only, lower 48 US). Larger (and more) pictures are here:
  4. mikesdrums

    Curious early Pearl Export kit on Craigslist

    This Export kit has a couple of details I haven't seen before. The badge says, "Export Series", but the 22" bass drum has 10 lugs per side instead of 8, and the inside of the bass drum looks like fiberglass. Anyone see an Export kit like this before? I wonder if the bass drum is actually a...
  5. mikesdrums

    Austin Fibes 5x13 Snare Drum Champagne

    Super nice Austin-era Fibes snare drum. I think it's a 5"x13", but it might be a 5.5". Trick strainer looks to be original. I've had the drum a couple of years but never got around to cleaning it. The only thing wrong with it is a 4" place along the edge of the batter hoop where a previous owner...
  6. mikesdrums

    Beato Pro 1 22" Bag

    Looking for a Beato Pro 1 14x22 or 16x22.
  7. mikesdrums

    Any collectors left on DFO?

    Years ago, when I first stumbled on the old Drum Center of Indianapolis forum, many of the members were drum collectors. Before that I didn't even know drum collecting was a thing, but here were people with rooms full of snare drums or cymbals or vintage kits or all of the above. As DCI became...
  8. mikesdrums

    How would you mic this kick drum?

    The drummer in my band plays a 20" Slingerland kick with no port and with the reso head covered in a sheet of fabric. It sounds much better in person than you would think, but it's very mid-range with not much attack. I'm the band's default sound guy because I own the PA, but I don't know much...
  9. mikesdrums

    SOLD 2 nice Ludwig kits, $300 each, local only

    #1. Ludwig S/L kit, c. 1984. Ludwig made the S/L line only for about a year, and it only showed up in the 1984 catalog. Toms are the same 4-ply shells used in the the 80s/90s Super Classic line. The kick is 6-ply. Best sounding rock drums I've owned. Heads are good all around. Sizes are 8x12...
  10. mikesdrums

    Slingerland Radio Kings - Pics and Questions

    I bought these Radio Kings from a bandmate a few weeks ago, and I'm just now getting a chance to take a look at them. What you see in the pics below is what came with them (except for the snare stand and snare batter head). Most of the hardware seems to be functional or close to it. There's a...
  11. mikesdrums

    What's a fair price for this Slingerland Radio King kit?

    A bandmate of mine has a vintage Radio King kit he's interested in selling. Looks to be late 30s or so, 14x28 bass drum, 9x13 tom, 6.5x14 snare. All I know is what's in the pics (see the link below), although he said he has some other hardware to go with it. He also has the other bass drum hoop...
  12. mikesdrums

    After 15-year search, finally replaced my Yamaha Club Customs

    My first new drum set was a Yamaha Club Custom 12/13/16/22 that I bought in early '96. I later added a 10 and a 14FT and then ended up selling the whole kit in 2001. I always missed the Club Customs and have been doing an eBay search for a replacement every day for many years. Then last week I...
  13. mikesdrums

    Ludwig S/L Series

    I was in GC the other day to get a cable and saw a five-piece set of "Ludwig Standard" drums for just $249. They were dirty and scuffed, but for the price I thought I'd get them and ... well, I didn't know what I was going to do with them. But i cleaned them up and played them that night at band...
  14. mikesdrums

    SOLD 1950s 12" A. Zildjian Hi Hats

    Got some really nice vintage hi hats on eBay along with some other nice cymbals:
  15. mikesdrums

    Diggin' my new Gretsch RB kit!

    I bought this 12/14/20 kit on DFO a couple of week ago from deepsoulradio, and man, I'm really having fun with it. It's actually nicer than I expected -- I thought a road-worn Gretsch kit would be good for honky-tonkin' with my country band, but you can't really see the miles on it unless you're...
  16. mikesdrums

    What are these Sonors? Anything good? Two kits, 10/12/14/20 and 13/16/22. The four-piece looks like a Phonic and the three-piece looks like maybe a Champion. Anyone know for sure? And what would they be worth? The seller is just taking offers. I know what the snare and cymbals...
  17. mikesdrums

    SOLD Several nice Meinl Byzance, A. and K. Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste Cymbals, Now w/Pics

    Selling several nice cymbals. All of these are in very good to excellent condition with no issues except where noted. All prices include shipping. I pay the PayPal fees. K. Zildjian 17" Dark Crash Thin. 2000 model. $150 SOLD! Paiste Giant Beat 20" Multi. Like new. $200 SOLD! Meinl Byzance...
  18. mikesdrums

    Combination audition / first gig with The Dirty Irv!

    Last Sunday I answered an ad for a band that was looking for a drummer as they transition from 50's rock and roll to 50's country and western. The band leader invited me to just show up at their gig at Adair's Saloon the next night and play. He said to bring a kick, snare, hats, and a ride and...
  19. mikesdrums

    Trying to find a drum I saw online recently

    A few weeks ago I saw a snare drum online with an interesting finish. It was painted in a multicolored, vertical, wavy pattern, kind of like what you'd see on one of the Remo designer djembes, and it had bronze gunmetal hardware. I've tried to find it again but I don't remember the seller. I was...
  20. mikesdrums

    Nice deals on DW and Ludwig kits at GC outlet store

    FYI, the GC outlet store in Dallas has about a dozen Ludwig Signet kits. The smaller kit, 12/14/20, is $440. I think the 10/12/14/22 kit was about $650 or so. All colors. They also had two, three-piece DW Collectors kits in big-chunk WMP, 12/14/20. Very nice. Those were $1,700, which is a good...