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  1. jccabinets

    Ludwig Educators finally playable

    After purchasing these many years ago I have finally got them safe to play. I replaced the plastic lugs with brand new ones, except the snare it still has the plastic lugs. Spent a lot of money on lugs and new heads but I think these special drums are worth it. I do have the 13 but it is also...
  2. jccabinets

    Ludwig nickel parts

    I'm in the hunt for 8 nickel clubdate lugs, 4 7/8" hole spacing. And 2 nob 8 hole 14" hoops. Also, 16 5.5 or 6" rods.
  3. jccabinets

    Building a floor tom

    I have been wanting to add a 14x14 floor tom to go with my transition badge kit. Ideally I would find a vintage one that needs a finish job but that could take years and I would prefer to finish all the drums the same day so they all come out the same. That said I am considering on purchasing a...
  4. jccabinets

    Question on nickel polish

    Okay Im getting ready to polish some of the parts for the trans badge set, I searched here on DFO and found that simichrome and cape cod clothes are the way to go. So the question is do I use both or just one product. Another questions would be, is the two 4x6 cape cod clothes enough to do a...
  5. jccabinets

    One nickel tension rod, 12 washers.

    I need one nickel rod to complete a 13" ludwig tom. 3 3/8" from the shoulder. Could also use 12 washers for the rods. Thank you, Jeff C
  6. jccabinets

    Now I have seen it all

    Who does this, cute but they are outside.
  7. jccabinets

    Ludwig bow tie lugs

    I need 60 snare lugs that fit a jazz fest, not an acro or super. What is the going rate?
  8. jccabinets

    New snare drum purchase

    I just paid for this drum last night, should have it by the end of the week. Its a Leedy and Ludwig knob tension snare from 1951 (I think) with WMP wrap. The only drums I have ever seen like this was at Rockin Robins in Houston and they were ins a glass case as if they were super rare. Never...
  9. jccabinets

    Ludwig Trans badge project

    Well, some of you know I picked up the Transition badge "project" kit from the for sale section here on DFO. I have the drums now and I am overwhelmed with the clean up needed to bring these back. This thread will go on for a while because its gonna take some time for sure. I dont have a...
  10. jccabinets

    Ludwig Educator parts

    Just purchased a 14" Ludwig Educator shell and will be needing leg brackets like in the photo, hole space is apparently 2". Also need lugs with 2.25" hole spacing, Clubdate style. Also will need a muffler and hoops/tension rods.
  11. jccabinets

    Rogers parts please.

    I am looking for 2 Tone controls that will fit the hole layout in the picture. I also need a script badge. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. jccabinets

    Would you return this head?

  13. jccabinets

    Nice match, what do you think.

    My 67 acro with my oyster blue ludwig with a camco floor tom.
  14. jccabinets

    OT is this worth much?

    My buddy wants to give this to me. I thought I should pay him something for it. Any idea on what amount I should give him?
  15. jccabinets

    How many songs do you play in a gig?

    Just wondered, on average how many tunes your band plays for a typical four hour gig.
  16. jccabinets

    Some good news

    I have been practicing a lot and definatly notice some improvement. The only thing that is not working as good as it should is my right foot. But I am happy with my progress and find it to be very enjoyable to come down stairs every night and play my beautiful Camco drums( with a jazz fest...
  17. jccabinets

    Source for cymbal arm

    I would like to try using the cymbal arm for my ride cymbal. Found a nice one from Steve Maxwell but it only fits mounts. My Ludwig (and Camco) are 9mm. Not getting any results from google. Can someone please tell me where to find one? I would be fine with a vintage one as long as its not...
  18. jccabinets

    Ludwig 8 hole COB snare hoop

    I need a clean COB hoop for my new jazz fest, batter side please.
  19. jccabinets

    Deal of the year.

    Made a smart deal today, this jazz fest for painting a 20" bass drum. The drum needs an original brass batter hoop but other than that I think it's all there.
  20. jccabinets

    Mismatched kits can be cool

    Here is a look at what I've been jamming on lately. My restored Camco kit and my Ludwig Jazz Festival snare that I made myself and a beautiful sky blue pearl 16" floor tom that I purchased from a great member right here on DFO.