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  1. Drumworm

    A Little Pick Me Up (featuring the late great Richie Hayward)

    What an absolutely awesome performance. The band and the crowd were having such a great time. And... Richie was Richie!
  2. Drumworm

    Meinl Byzance Ride & Crash

    Near mint Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin 18” Crash. SOLD Near mint condition Meinl Mike Johnston 21” Signature Transition Ride. Over $100 off the retail price. $325
  3. Drumworm

    Taylor Hawkins on the Trixons

    Very cool... and a great performance...
  4. Drumworm

    Ralf Gustke - I'm Late to the Party

    Ran across this performance. Had never heard of the guy. Was blown away with his groove, precision, smoothness, and creativity. Have I been living under a rock?
  5. Drumworm

    Lots O' Paistes - Mostly Sigs

    Here is a great group of Paiste cymbals. I will provide pics upon request, but most are in well cared for, played condition and priced to move. Signatures: 20” Big Bell Ride - $250 - $225 16” Thin China - Sale Pending 18” Alpha Crash - $75 - $65 8” Splash - Sold 6” Splash - Sold 12”...
  6. Drumworm

    Vic Firth - Matt Garstka Live Cussing - Mini Rant

    Vic Firth did a Matt Garska Live in the studio yesterday. Matt cussed like a sailor dropping F-bombs left and right. I felt it was extremely inappropriate and turned off the interview less than 5 minutes into it. I'm no prude, but it was almost like he was trying to be "hip" with his...
  7. Drumworm

    [SOLD]Late 80’s Zlidjian 13” K/Z hats

    Great hats that I believe Weckl had a hand in designing. Still in excellent playing condition. Sold
  8. Drumworm

    Price Drop - Pork Pie, Tama

    Four snares for sale. Ludwig 6.5x14 Acrolite Galaxy. 10 Imperial lugs and Puresound wires. Great condition - Sold Pork Pie 5.5x12 Little Squealer. Test played only - $175 Worldmax 5.5x14 Nickel over brass. Excellent condition - Sold Tama 5.5x10 with Starcast mount. Good Condition - $100
  9. Drumworm

    Huge DW Hardware Package

    DW 9000 Series Boom Stand - 3 DW 9000 SERIES HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE TOM STAND - 1 DW DWCP5500TD Heavy Duty 2-Leg Hi-hat Stand - 1 DW Hardware : 5000 Series Snare Drum Stand w/ Boom Tilter - 1 DW DWSM798 12" Dog Bone Accessory Arm - 2 DW DWSM788 8-inch Mini Dog Bone - 1 DW Cymbal Boom Arm w/Tube - 3...
  10. Drumworm

    WTB: Ludwig Keystone 8" Tom - Pewter Glitter

    As the title states...
  11. Drumworm

    Something Fresh

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  12. Drumworm

    How Did Your NYE Gig Go?

    We played at one of our regular venues and the crowd was pretty much blah. We have much bigger and more enthusiastic crowds on a routine Sat nite at this place than what we had last night. I believe New Years Eve has lost it's luster for night clubs and such for the most part. A lot of people...
  13. Drumworm

    Happy Sound Check Day...

    Check 12-12-12
  14. Drumworm

    Best • Rendition • Ever

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  15. Drumworm

    Need Advice on In-Ear Rig

    I would like to go to playing live gigs with in-ears instead of a wedge monitor. I'm not well versed on in-ear systems, so I need some advice. Best case scenario would be to have a unit a the kit where I can control the levels of the other instruments/vocals from my kit. Not sure exactly what...
  16. Drumworm

    Anyone Catch The Killers on MTV World Stage?

    Man, what a great band, and an even greater band live!!!! Ronnie's Craviotto's looked fantastic, wish the drum mix was a little better. Other than that, I would say it's a must see concert. I'm sure it will be re-played on Palladia. <object height="360" width="480"><param name="movie"...
  17. Drumworm

    Frustrating On-Line Order

    I'm going to try out a rack system to help with set-up and tear-down at gigs. I ordered one from Cascio and contacted them to find out the status of my order. Here is a live chat between me and a Cascio Interstate Music agent. Was I out of line? I hate when they use the "our policy this"...
  18. Drumworm

    A few pics from McCartney in Cincy

    My 16 year old daughter and I saw McCartney in Cincinnati last night. The video is from my daughters ipod touch.. not great video quality but the sound isn't bad, which is a testament to the great sound the crew put out last night. My daughter is a huge Beatles fan and she is referring to...
  19. Drumworm

    They Be Pimpin Yo!

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  20. Drumworm

    Multi-Band Set-Up Protocol

    My band did a gig with two other bands this weekend. We were the band that originally booked the gig, and asked a couple other bands to join us as the nightclub owner likes multi-band line-ups. I have not played a lot of these type of gigs over the years and would like your thoughts on this...