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  1. clowndog

    Show Me How You Keep Your Drums From Rolling

    I see a lot of wall shelves built for displaying snare drums vertically. What I don’t see typically is a way to secure the drum from rolling off. Anyone have any solutions you have done to mitigate that earthquake, cat, etc.?
  2. clowndog

    Seller Etiquette on DrumForum

    I had an experience with a long-time member here that was troubling. They listed a snare drum for sale. I contacted first establishing I wanted the drum. We got up to the point where the seller requested my address to get shipping for a total price. They wanted to decide if they were going to...
  3. clowndog

    Leedy Jade Green Time

    I had to get a group photo together of all that green. 1920’s at its finest. I think it may be the coolest finish Leedy ever offered. Feel free to post yours!
  4. clowndog

    1920's Wooden Air Grommet - Leedy Ludwig

    Trying to complete a 20's Leedy snare drum. Thanks
  5. clowndog

    Oops, we ran into some problems error banner

    It pops up every move or page change I make on this forum as of yesterday. Any fix?
  6. clowndog

    Yuval Gabay- Soul Coughing

    Anyone know the drum gear Yuval recorded with on Soul Coughing records? More specifically is what snare drums used on the track White Girl? I realize there is usually studio magic involved, but I’ve always been curious here. Google search doesn’t turn up anything for me.
  7. clowndog

    Sabian HH 21" Viennese Brand NEW
  8. clowndog

    Angel Snare Drum

    I have lots of options on trading snare drums, cymbals, etc. Full or Partial cash ok too.
  9. clowndog

    SOLD Denon Home 150 Compact HiFi Wireless Speaker NEW PAIR - Price Reduced

    Brand new. Received direct from the factory a couple of weeks ago. Pair them for true stereo sound. WiFi, Bluetooth, USB drive. These sell for $249 for each unit everywhere. $498 if you bought two. Get both for $ from me. $15 shipping to conus...
  10. clowndog

    Some Lauritsen

    Definitely the best purchase I made while living in Australia. anyone else have a Lauritsen to share here?!
  11. clowndog

    Any favorite techniques to remove duct tape from Cymbals?

    Old duct tape removal. How do all of you approach removing?
  12. clowndog

    SOLD - Leedy Multi Model Snare Drum

    The very first version Leedy Multi Model with the original version 2 screw self-aligning lugs with the square ears. Slotted T-Rods, Utility Strainer, Engraved top hoop, Original Heater plug intact. Brass shell, calf heads, and all original unrestored condition. Shell dings are superficial and...
  13. clowndog

    SOLD - Ayotte Keplinger Snare Drum - Ray Ayotte Era

    These are becoming more scarce. The highly heralded Ayotte Keplinger snare drum. 5.5x14. I'm the original owner. Bought new at the Drum Circuit in the late 90's. I'm not recording anymore, so it's time for someone to use this. Amazing shape. A very tiny knick on the top hoop hardly worth...
  14. clowndog

    In Praise of the Danmar Zoro Beater

    Here’s a good opportunity to plug the artist bd beater from my friend Zoro that I have used for over 20 years. I picked up a lightly used Tama Speedcobra from kickassdrummer (A+ seller btw) recently. I’ve been a DW 5000 user for years. Large adjustments are coming to my playing, mainly...
  15. clowndog

    Drum Center of Portsmouth - PENDING Experience

    As some know, I started a thread early on sharing some Sakae deals that were going to emerge from DCP as they had purchased the Japanese closeouts. This is my first experience purchasing from them. After many failed attempts to resolve transaction issues with management and Shane there, I felt I...
  16. clowndog

    The Downside To Modern Vintage Kits

    As I’ve posted a lot, I’m a huge fan of Sakae Trilogy drums. I have a shell bank and it is my only kit now (except my 20’s Leedy Rainbow Pearl set which is not the daily driver.) The struggle I have is matching some of my snares previously owned with the round buttery soft tones of the Trilogy...
  17. clowndog

    SOLD - Bosphorus 18” Turk NOS New

    Brand new, never used Bosphorus 18” Turk Medium Thin Crash. 1480 grams. Buy it for a sharp price! ($433 retail list price) $ shipped 48 states!!
  18. clowndog

    Sakae Closeouts - NOS

    They are coming from DrumCenter Portsmouth who bought all old stock. Some deals beginning to list already.
  19. clowndog

    SOLD - Sakae Flat Based Hi Hat Stand New in Box

    Ended up keeping one only. Brand new, sealed in box. $43 shipped to 48 states.
  20. clowndog

    DW Drum Workshop 5000 Delta Pedal SOLD

    In full functional good shape. Includes brand new beater and Allen wrench set. Includes DW drum key usually missing. Newer spring. Has the Grip Peddler Zoro pad on the top for smooth heel toe. Original Delta hinge and single chain version. $99 shipped to 48 states.