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  1. jtpaistegeist

    What’s your favorite 20” crash?

    I have two current favorites that are always on the kit. These cover the brighter/darker spectrum pretty well for me. -20" Paiste 602 ME -20" Paiste Masters Dark
  2. jtpaistegeist

    22" Paiste Masters Dark Crash/Ride

    Like new, only a few stick marks. Ships to CON USA. Thanks!
  3. jtpaistegeist

    Paiste 24" 602 Modern Essentials Ride - Like new

    Bump! Reduced to $424. Much better than $660 new at Sweetwater, and its like new just a few stick marks.
  4. jtpaistegeist

    Songs I Greatly Dislike FRIDAY FIVE FER

    When at the gym in the mornings, having to hear some terrible IMO modern pop music. Until I get my earbuds going its like an Iheartradio extravaganza. Cyrus, Perry, Cardi B, Eilish, Swift, Grande, Jonas, Minaj..........Ughhhh! Oh, and the occasional faux hiphop dance song with the obligatory...
  5. jtpaistegeist

    Sabian HHX & AAX Cymbals for Sale

    Hey all, I figured I will post these here before putting them on Reverb/Ebay. These were all purchased new last year, and have seen 10-20 hours of studio use (still have all factory bags, pretty much have been sitting on my cymbal rack since new). All are in great condition, only showing...
  6. jtpaistegeist

    Favorite 14x20 head combo?

    I had this issue with my Yamaha RC 16x20 bass drum. Always been a single ply head guy on the bass drum, & tried out about every model available from the big 3. Finally I decided to get an Evans EMAD 2 for kicks... WOW! It sounds like it dropped a full octave and became much more powerful in...
  7. jtpaistegeist

    Sabian HHX Revamp? Coming soon?

    I remember hearing last year when Sabian did the big re-brand a mention of the HHX line getting an overhaul similar to that of the AAX for winter NAMM. Has anyone heard any news about the model designations? I expect they will do the thin/med/heavy thing. I hope they keep the Xtreme and...
  8. jtpaistegeist

    Powerstroke 3 vs Ambassador Resonant Bass Drum Head

    The most powerful batter head I have found is the Evans GMAD, a 12 mil single ply head. That combined with an EQ1 or EQ3 (depending on if you want a port), will give you loads of low end and power.
  9. jtpaistegeist

    Ambassador snare heads- hazy vs clear ?

    IMO the haze adds a bit a warmth to the tone. Just like a clear vs ebony ambassador.. The ebony is noticeably darker in sound, big time. I am guessing this has to do with the mylar, and how added color, mass, or maybe a sightly different film.
  10. jtpaistegeist

    Why Do Folk Music Drummers Have Such Great Reputations?

    IMO the reputation is very heavily influenced by the perceived sophistication and academic importance of the artist. As much as I enjoy many metal drummers, they will never get the attention that someone like Colaiuta or TW has. My experience studying jazz at the University showed me very...
  11. jtpaistegeist

    Eddie Money

    RIP Eddie. Met him back in '94 along with the rest of his touring band at that time. Super cool guys, really down to earth.
  12. jtpaistegeist

    Rideable Crashes

    I seem to remember the Wild crashes I tired out had shorter sustain and more initial body when struck. Back when I was playing 2oo2's, I passed on the Wild to get the standard 18" or 20" Crash for that purpose. My go-to crash cymbals to ride atm are the 20" Masters Dark, and 20" ME 602...
  13. jtpaistegeist

    Happy 67th Birthday to Neil Peart

    The playing in that video reminds me of the ripping guitar players in this.
  14. jtpaistegeist

    Amazon deals thread

    It really is a shame how many nice cymbals are being destroyed at the hands of Amazon shipping. They really should have a musical instruments division for selling/shipping items. At least an automatic note applied to the pick ticket to package a certain way. Bummer!
  15. jtpaistegeist

    Random musings - Popularity of the 22 ?

    20" rides were the standard size when I started playing (early 90s). The shops around me mostly only had that size, and this was before cymbal packs became a thing. Personally, I use a 22" 90%, with 24" being my other main sized ride. For me its the pitch, stick feel, and nuance that I can...
  16. jtpaistegeist

    Which kit(s)/drum(s) do you totally regret selling?

    I regret selling my ~1990 Tama Granstar Custom. It was 22, 10, 12, 14, 16 with matching snare. Awesome heavy drums that remind me a lot of my Yamaha RC.
  17. jtpaistegeist

    Rolling Stone: The Best Snare Drums

    I would expect nothing less from a vapid, intelligently bankrupt outfit like Rolling Stone Magazine. I have more respect for Seventeen magazine. Did Sleath even go to J-School Brah!?