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    Meinl Classic pack

    Seling a meinl classic cymbal pack. Played around the house hand full of times, never gigged bought it as a setup for my kids to learn on. $300...
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    Red Wine Tama superstar doublebass kit- Axis Longboard AL2 - Located in MA

    Local pickup only- 01772 MA Looking to sell a Tama superstar double bass kit. $500- Deep wine red, 2- 18x22" bass drums, 2- floor toms 12x14" & 14x16", rack toms 8x10" & 10x12", Diecast hoops both kicks are virgin. No snare included and I dont have the tom mounts. Bought the kit used at GC...
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    Dw Performance vs Yamaha RC Sq1 Sonor stage customs

    Finally finished my sound proof drum room and looking for a new kit just because. I recently bought a stage custom to start out with something that sounds good for recording and I was honestly surprised at the sound and the quality of the kit. Put remo ambassadors on it and kit really sings. I...