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    1960s Slingerland Drum Sticks

    Does anyone remember Slingerland's plastic tip with flat head drumsticks from the late 1960s to early 70s? I really liked them. Maybe they will bring them back when DW gets the company going again. Thanks, ptfitzy
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    Vintage Drums

    In the 60s to present, I have loved my Ludwig and Slingerland drums. Slingerland lets you almost always make that great rim shot every time due to the rim being so close to the head.
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    Where Ludwig Custom Drums are made, even the shells

    I have been playing drums since 1966. Back then all American drums were made in America. I knew William F. Ludwig Jr. He was a hoot. He lived in Oakbrook IL and loved to party. I lived there back in the 70s. Anyway, I saw an article about where Ludwig makes their custom drums. I have owned 1960s...
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    REF: Slingerland Drum Maker

    I spoke with a person at Chicago Drum. I was not aware they now make the Slingerland Drum under their name. They also said they have former Slingerland employees. Also, approx. 2 to 3 years ago, I typed in Slingerland Drums. The site showed some beautiful drum sets, including the Buddy Rich...