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    12x24 Single Tension Bass Drum

    looking to sell this 12x24 single tension bass drum. it appears to be an old marching drum that the previous owner added legs too (and spray painted). I stripped it down and refinished it. I've done some research and asked around, but haven't been able to come up with a brand. it thumps pretty...
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    SOLD Ludwig Black Galaxy Acrolite 5x14 Shell and Parts

    looking to sell this shell and parts. the shell is in excellent condition and the hoops are in great shape with some minor flaking/flaws in spots. included: shell, hoops, tension rods, throw, butt-plate. the original wires have one slightly bent wire, I can include if you're interested. open...
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    What Is This? (Rogers Inner Sticker) *SOLVED*

    there's no badge on this drum, but the inner sticker appears to be a Rogers. after some internet searching I found they had a 'Pageant' line, but only was able to find a few images and they were only snare drums. I searched here as well, but there weren't many helpful posts. nothing else on this...
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    Gretsch Diamond Brackets and Legs Brand new

    these are brand new and direct from Gretsch. asking $85 shipped in the US, but am open to reasonable offers.
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    SOLD 1965 Ludwig Jazz Festival Snare Drum 5x14 WMP

    Nice player’s grade snare. Some rusting present. The inside of the shell has been repainted white as it was spray painted black when I received it. I have also reversed the yellowing process quite a bit. The wrap is lifting slightly at the seam, but some glue and clamps should easily fix this...