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  1. markie04drum

    Paiste 22″ Traditional Medium Light Swish (Rivets)

    What a great cymbal! Are trades considered?
  2. markie04drum

    Price Drop on Great Cymbals Zildjian K Constantinoples and Masterwork

    Price drops! Prices Listed include Continental US Shipping. Let me know if you have any questions! 20" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Thin High-1900 grams-$300 Shipped 19" Zildjian K Constantinople Sound Lab Prototype-1534 grams-$300 Shipped 16" Zildjian K Constantinople Crash-994...
  3. markie04drum

    Paiste 15" Etched Traditional Medium Light Hats SOLD

    I will take them if they’re still available!
  4. markie04drum

    22” Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Medium Ride-Price Drop

    Bump for Price drop. $300 shipped to continental US
  5. markie04drum

    22” Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Medium Ride-Price Drop

    Crashable but with great stick definition, strong bell. 2920 grams. Asking $300 shipped to Continental US
  6. markie04drum

    ludwig b&o badge bass and concert toms SOLD

    PM sent.
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    13 miscellaneous cymbals for sale

    Sounds good! Still interested!
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    Paiste is SOLD
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    Moderators Can Delete Please- Thanks
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    Zildjian K Con 14" Hats & K 18" Crash

    Do you know the weights on the hats?
  12. markie04drum

    A Custom Crash Cymbals **SOLD**

    I will take that 18" Fast if it is still available!
  13. markie04drum

    26" Cymbal Bag

    Scroll to the very bottom of the page here. Cool shop and Tony is a very cool guy to deal with!
  14. markie04drum

    Cymbal Rivets

    I have been thinking about putting some rivets in a pair of Dream hats. I have almost all of my stuff drilled for rivets. I find a few rivet sized holes doesn't change the sound, but when you throw a few rivets in, you have a whole new cymbal vibe.
  15. markie04drum

    overhead mic boom stands??

    I would go with tripods. Just remember to have a leg in the direction of the boom arm (just like with cymbals). You don't want a mic to fall. I also find the tripods, the legs diffuse some low end floor noise with sensitive condensers or ribbon mics, while some of those disc bases almost conduct...
  16. markie04drum

    Mark Guiliana and Zach Danziger

    I can't seem to stop watching this. I really dig the sounds. Wonder how much was done in post, and what it sounded like in the room. Enjoy! &feature=related
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    Xmas Music For Drummers

    I thought this was a pretty cool series on it, if you have the time to watch all the parts.
  18. markie04drum

    Piano Black or Cherry Wood finish?

    My first post and I am voting Black. Screaming Gadd!