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  1. drummingbulldog

    Have you ever happily downgraded your drums/cymbals?

    A PDP CX kit was acquired & I retired my RC kit. Totally different drums in tone and weight but the CX kit sounded awesome. I wish I still had them. The CX sounded like a much more expensive kit but I never panicked when a beer spilled in the vicinity. I recorded with them & that is the real...
  2. drummingbulldog

    OT-Honda Fits

    My wife had an 07. It was a great car. It was not a fun or fast car. It's very economical but just not real comfortable. My wife has long legs at 5' 7" and she complained about the legroom comfort. Hers was one of the no frills base models. We made a few long trips in it & both of us had sore...
  3. drummingbulldog

    Manu in the Alps

    He's not a youtube chops guy but he's got some signature grooves and always plays music in his beats. His snare has a honk to it. I personally like it. Manu is one of the few guys I would hire for a session if I was a producer. He has HIS thing.
  4. drummingbulldog

    Two Snare drums

    That might explain my issues.
  5. drummingbulldog

    Two Snare drums

    I have a Dunnett S.S. 6.5x14 with the original Nickel Piston throw on it. It isn't broken but the drum/throw is 20 plus years old. I want to swap out the old throw off with something new that fits the hole pattern without having to drill new holes. I also have a Gretsch 5x14 120th Anniversary...
  6. drummingbulldog

    OCDP steel microvent snare

    They look like you should wash fruits & vegetables in them.
  7. drummingbulldog

    Terry Bozzio's Zappa drum equipment: i.e. cymbals/drums/hardware/heads/sticks.

    I think he played Gretsch. Not sure about the cymbals.
  8. drummingbulldog

    Neil Peart and the Ludwig era...

    Wow! I thought it was just me. His Ludwig kit from Hold Your Fire has been my favorite live sound & Moving Pictures is my favorite of his recorded output. I saw them line in 92 Roll the Bones tour which was the first time I had seen him with the single kick kit. I kinda stopped following...
  9. drummingbulldog

    X-Hat recommendations (Sabian)

    Sabian EQ Hats are cool for that.
  10. drummingbulldog

    Player drum love

    Some of my favorite kits are players. My ssb Gretsch kit from the early 70s. My Yamaha RC. My Gretsch rb. They sound & play unreal but I don't sweat taking them out in public.
  11. drummingbulldog

    Help date this Gretsch Renown kit.

    That's a cool finish. I wonder if it's original. The cymbal holder bracket was most likely added by a previous owner.
  12. drummingbulldog

    Is the ride cymbal dying in modern rock music?

    Sounds like we definitely need to bring the ride back then. In my playing it's never gone anywhere.
  13. drummingbulldog

    Pdp CX Maple vs Concept Maple

    I had both & the cx is better.
  14. drummingbulldog

    Recommend me a Zildjian China

    I have a 14" K Mini China that's awesome. It's light & beautiful. It cuts more like a razor instead of a chainsaw. You can play it in quiet spots.
  15. drummingbulldog

    O.T. Customized Die Cast Cars (i.e. Hot Wheels, Matchbox, etc.)

    Is that Mario Lemieux in the photo in the background?
  16. drummingbulldog

    Premier Marching Snare Question

    Those sound like paper tearing when you buzz roll them. I met some Scottish Highland drummers who played them & they sounded unreal.
  17. drummingbulldog

    Premier 2000 snare - what a sound!

    These in my experience are not unlike Supra's in that all are not equal to each other. I have had multiple 2000's/Supra's and they didn't all sound or feel the same. My buddy in high school had one of these and it sounded & played like you described. It put my Supra to shame in every way. The...
  18. drummingbulldog

    My drum room tour

    You should do a home tour. You have some really cool gear.