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  1. cwdrums

    Elvis Drummer on playing & touring in the 50s.

    First hand from the man who was there - doesn't get any better. Thx for sharing. Coy
  2. cwdrums

    18 y/o Karen Carpenter

    One up two down in Silver Sparkle no less :) Amazing talent for sure. Some Buddy Rich influence going on maybe? Coy
  3. cwdrums

    16'' Ludwig ''jazzfest'' - a 70's could have been.

    Gnarly !!! Well done. Gotta do the splits to fit that beast between your legs behind your kit :)
  4. cwdrums

    Some more Buddy with a small group...1974

    Yep Buddy had the touch and feel. Drive a big band or compliment a jazz ensemble. Coy
  5. cwdrums

    57 years ago tonight

    Yes sirreee parked in front of the boob tube with grandparents, mom, cousins and aunt and uncle. I occasionally have the opportunity to drive by my grandparents old house and the first thing I think about was that night and the pool in the back yard :) Almost nine years old at the time but...
  6. cwdrums

    Set up in the park and vibe a little

    Well done. Those Slingy tubs sound great! Coy
  7. cwdrums

    Steve Maxwell having fun on giant Fibes kit

    Most excellent Mr. Maxwell ! Coy in Idaho
  8. cwdrums

    Thank you!

    Lots of good info here. Glad you joined the DFO family. Coy in Idaho
  9. cwdrums

    Trends on the forum over the years

    Demise of Guitar Center!
  10. cwdrums

    Ludwig tom arms don't stay put ...Fix?

    I have a remedy for the clockface design. Show me a picture of where your problem is. I posted the fix here on DFO just cant find it. Coy
  11. cwdrums

    New/ old Coronet LOVE

    I too like the old MIJ kits. Have about a dozen snares in different colors/patterns and two complete kits. Blue diamond pearl pattern on yours? Complete kits from that era are hard to find, usually missing the snare. Congrats! Coy in Idaho PS there is a guy on ebay that makes MIJ logos for the...
  12. cwdrums

    OT - Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island - Dawn Wells has passed

    The show was a part of my life as well growing up. Gone at 82, sad indeed. Wonder if she had some underlying health issues that might have contributed to her passing? PS Maybe the Wrecking Crew on that video sound track?
  13. cwdrums

    Hi, I'm new here

    Glad to have you on board. We will probably talk you into getting an acoustic kit sooner or later :) Maybe new maybe vintage. Coy in Idaho
  14. cwdrums

    1959 Ludwig Transition Badge Pioneer

    Very nice indeed :thumbright:. Never seen that strainer before, compact and looks functional. Coy
  15. cwdrums

    Any Vistalite Tivoli lighting repair info

    drumbar pm me your mailing address. I will send you the wiring diagram. I dont have a smart phone or good camera so lets do it the old fashioned way, slow mail. Coy
  16. cwdrums

    Any Vistalite Tivoli lighting repair info

    FWIW I bought one of the reproduction kits from that gentleman on ebay. My original box and wiring harness were stolen. The repro works like a charm. I think I paid $600.00 back in 2015 or 16. It was a bargain to me as I have no electrical skills what so ever and my Tivoli kit was virtually...
  17. cwdrums

    Nice COLOR picture of Ralph Jones

    Yep that snare has extreme tilt going on. Love those sport coats and white shoes. Coy
  18. cwdrums

    Ludwig 1964 green sparkle bass drum question

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of good info here. I believe green sparkle from that era tends to fade yellowish - avoid direct sunlight. Is there a date stamp on the inside of the shell? Ok to ask how much you paid? Coy
  19. cwdrums

    Another Buddy Video, 1971 with Fibes snare in action!

    Not to be overlooked his right foot is quick and nimble. But yes, that left hand leaves me speechless!! Coy
  20. cwdrums

    New Ludwig Legacy Mahogany Limited Finish

    Makes sense and a brilliant idea. We have all experienced stand leg clutter at our feet. Coy