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    A week or so ago, someone posted this vid from 2010 of a show I did.

    A week or so ago, someone posted this vid from 2010 of a show I did with some very old and dear friends. After watching, you will understand why I never made the big time. The bass player and singer is Little Bill, a Pacific Northwest legend who I spent most of my career playing with.
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    Tempus carbon fiber kit

    For sale is a Tempus carbon fiber 4 piece kit. 20,14,12,10. Standard depths. Tangerine glitter finish. I bought the raw shells and had Paul Mason drill them for my choices for hardware. Ego lugs and turret style mounts. If I were to keep them, I would go with iNDE mounts. Drums are light weight...
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    Ed Thigpen 22" flat ride

    This is an absolutely wonderful sounding ride cymbal. Dark, clear and controlled. 2680 G. One rivet.(factory) Has some stains and dark spots on bottom. Top looks better. Asking $250+shipping.
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    Ming snare $125

    Ming purple. 6X14. $125+shipping.
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    Pork Pie Bob. SOLD!

    Pork Pie BOB has been SOLD>
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    Pork Pie BOB

    For sale is a nice Pork Pie BOB with die casts. I got the die casts used. Hard to get good pics with a drum this shiny. Anyway $200+shipping for this great sounding and looking snare drum.
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    No party this year.

    For the past 38 years, my wife and I have hosted a summer solstice party which has as it's centerpiece a drum circle. We started out as having a situation in which laymen and regular folks could experience the power within them to to groove and feel what it's like to make music. We usually have...
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    11 1/2" key operated T-rod. GOT ONE!

    Need one key operated T-rod, any brand, any condition, 11 1/2" long.
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    Threaded claw hook

    OK. So no luck finding a complete T-rod and claw assembly. Does anyone have just a threaded claw hook for single tension drum? brand not important, condition not important except threads must work. Just need one.
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    clip on spurs

    Anyone know of a good source for clip on BD spurs?
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    single tension rod and claws

    Looking for a (1) tension rod and claws for my 15X12 marcher with single tension. Old and rusty OK. Even a little bent. Ludwig. 12". Thanks
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    Gifted marcher

    I just got a beat up old marching Ludwig 15X12 single tension drum. No evidence of any snares or snare mechanisms. Must have been a tenor. It is missing a tension rod and the claws that go with it. So if anyone has one (must be in poor condition) I would be interested. The drum is probably 50s...
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    2 20" Zildjians for sale

    Two 20" rides. One is '59/'60 with a slight keyhole weighing 1898 gr. The other is a '90s K weighing 2190 gr. Both very nice sounding darkish cymbals with good definition. Jazzy. $150 each+ actual shipping costs.
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    Montinari maple snare

    Up for sale. 5X14 8 ply maple Montinari snare drum. 80s vintage. $300+shipping from WA state. Great drum in great condition.
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    montinari snare

    I have a Montinari snare drum, 5X14, 10 ply maple, natural finish. Late 80s early 90s. What do you guys and gals suggest as a selling price? I have no idea, but am planning to sell it soon. Thanks
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    DFO member Squidart

    Me and the Missus went out last night to see Squidart (AKA "Dave") at a jazz jam in Olympia WA. This guy has some chops! Love to have his left hand LOL. Had a good time and Dave seems to be a very nice guy. Always good to meet a fellow DFO guy.
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    My nicest kit.

    Have an emotional attachment to this one.
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    Together or separate?

    I'm considering selling my 22" Ed Thigpen rides. A flat and a Crystal Bell. The question is....are they worth more as a pair or as individual cymbals?
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    The groove

    Lot of talk on here about the groove. Here, in my opinion, is one of the hardest grooving bands around. The Absolute Monster Gentlemen!
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    Leedy NOB.

    For sale; A 5X14 Leedy nickel over brass snare with six lugs and slotted head tuning rods. I estimate the drum was built in the 1920s. Good cond. Non original heads and snare wires. $225 OBO.