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  1. lamartee

    Bring on the funk!

    The mighty Pointer Sisters with Gaylord Birch just killin' it! (solo kicks in around the 3 minute mark)
  2. lamartee

    Sanctified Groove

    So swayed1's thread about " drummer won't listen...." reminded me of a conversation with someone about the "Sanctified Groove" I always liked this guy-...
  3. lamartee

    More Steve Jordan Goodness

    This really showcases his groove, has some nice close up shots of him and is arguably one of the most outstanding group of players heard on any stage.
  4. lamartee

    Charlie Watts

    Fat Drummer's recent post re: Charlie Watts bass drum etc.. reminded me of one of my favorite tunes and Charlie is driving
  5. lamartee

    O.T. RIP Hank Aaron

    A true American Icon The Home Run King! R.I.P. Mr. Aaron
  6. lamartee

    Donation Refunded +1

    "Silver" level donation made on Paypal 9/9-refunded on PayPal 9/10 ??
  7. lamartee

    One up, one down

    My new puppy
  8. lamartee

    R.I.P. Regis Philbin

    How could you not like this guy! Thanks for being part of my life. R.I.P. Mr. Philbin
  9. lamartee

    OT:The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band?

    Yes. They are.
  10. lamartee

    Wednesday night distraction

    Dr. John, Rickie Lee Jones with the "Tonight Show Band"
  11. lamartee

    O.T.-Bluetooth Speakers

    Any recommendations? $200.00-$250.00 range. Looking for Clarity, Richness and Volume. Will be used outside, wont be left in the weather and can be plugged in for power. I figure I can't go wrong with Bose or JBL. Wondering if the Marshalls sound as good as they look. Any suggestions are...
  12. lamartee

    Favorite Zappa Album

    A comment from another thread by gmiller... got me thinking about my favorite Frank Zappa album. For me it would be a toss-up between "Bongo Fury" and "Apostrophe(')"
  13. lamartee

    Saturday Night Smile!

    This should do it Prince, John Blackwell. Sheila E., Rhonda Smith
  14. lamartee

    Talk about a monster groove

    ...and George Effing Duke just killin' it! Always liked Phil's non-mainstream projects. Check out him and Nathan East behind Clapton for some more fun.
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  16. lamartee

    Tedeschi Trucks Band at the Beacon

    Was at opening night for their annual Beacon Theater run last night. Just amazing! New and old originals and choice covers running the gamut from Freddie King (Have You Ever Loved A Woman) to Elton John (Border Song). Trucks was his usual jaw-dropping self, the band is arguably one of the best...
  17. lamartee

    These should give you a nice fat sound

    ...and tasty too!
  18. lamartee

    Saw Jeff Beck Last Night.....

    ......his usual spectacular self. Rhonda Smith laying down a seriously dangerous bottom. Nicolas Meier comping along nicely. Jimmy Hall ..meh. ( I liked Wet Willie but I didn't go to this show to hear singing.) But Jonathan Joseph...WOW. Maybe I'm late to the party with this guy, not at all...
  19. lamartee

    Stanton Moore...The Funkiest man on the Planet!

    Big big fun with Galactic at the Capitol Theater up in Port Chester last night (you other old timers here in the Big Apple know the place) with Cyril Neville sittin' in all night! Here's a shot of Moore and Neville spreadin' the gris gris around Go to you tube- Galactic capitol theater-(...
  20. lamartee

    What to do with that old Speed King

    So you can only refurb, repack, relube that old SK for so long. This guy has got the right idea.