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  1. turbojerk

    NEW Ludwig P2308AP Classic Die Cast Bass Drum Claw

    I'm thinking about updating my BD claws on my WFL to the new Ludwig P2038AP die cast claws... Concerned about the fit since they will be ridged... Anyone here swapped theirs out? And if so, how was the fit? Thanks T
  2. turbojerk

    Classic Throw-off?

    Anyone know what the thread size is (see pic) I was thinking 10-32 but don't have it in front of me to check... Thanks...
  3. turbojerk

    6-ply Ludwig 18x14 kick drum

    Just picked this up... looking for additional info,.. pretty sure its rare duck(?) thanks T
  4. turbojerk

    Pinstriping tubs???

    Anyone ever "pinstripe" their tubs? If so.... I'm listening. Never was much for looks over sound, but in this case they already sound "AWESOME" and but look " just Ok"... so... (see pic's) Was thinking about using a good quality "glitter tape" or something like that...
  5. turbojerk

    Ludwig... Gloss Black and Black Cortex??

    So I gotta ask.... What is, and is there a difference between "Gloss Black", and "black Cortex"? I have two kits... #1 Is def Black Cortex #2 Is nice shinny Gloss Black Both are late 70's - early 80's in vintage
  6. turbojerk

    Pa. Vintage Drum Show...

    I'll be there.... :)
  7. turbojerk

    LOVE Craigslist... LoL

    Like title says..."LOVE Craigslist"! 1979 6-ply with Supraphonic, matching Atlas hardware, hard cases, and a pile of Zildjians. Bought from original owner and close to home... Didn't even need to clean it... LoL $200 :wink:
  8. turbojerk

    Picture Posting? What gives?

    So what's the trick to posting pictures? Tried to insert a like to photos but locks up site... HELP! Thanks Troy
  9. turbojerk

    18"Ø Ludwig Floor Tom

    Looking for a Ludwig (B&O badge) 18"Ø x 16", 6-ply floor tom with good condition Black Cortex wrap. No need for legs, hoops, T-rods or heads. Just shell, Classic lugs, and leg mounts... Let me know what you've got... Thanks T
  10. turbojerk

    Ludwing mini and classic lugs

    So what is the rhyme or reason to a 13" Ludwig tom (70's) having mini lugs or classis large lugs? Any??
  11. turbojerk

    Looking for a 24" bass 3pc Ludwig project...

    Hi All,... Itching for another project over the winter... Looking for a blue and olive badge (70's) Ludwig 3or4 piece kit with a 24" kick... 1up 1down (or 2 down) config... Let me know what you've got... Closer to Gettysburg Pa the better chances... Thanks Troy
  12. turbojerk

    Old Pearls...

    Picking these up today but wanna know more about them. Seller say's 60's era and from what little I have found I believe this to be so... I figure I can't go wrong with the asking price, but I wanna know more about them and what I can expect from them in terms of sound and quality... Any info...
  13. turbojerk

    Don't hate on me...

    So I considering the purchase of a Ludwig concert tom kit that's local and cheap for a project... Not a concert tom fan and I'm curious if I can buy a special router bit to cut the bottom bearing edges... Have a router/table just need to know what bit it available and where to purchase it...
  14. turbojerk

    Video/Pic's of your kids band!

    I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one with a teenage Son (or daughter) that's a drummer in a high school band... Post pictures, video's, whatever! Be proud and show them off.... Here's my son Kyle and his band (Shadowed Star) playing a NYE gig the other night on the Square in downtown...
  15. turbojerk

    Tuning tips - 16" Kick Drum

    Got this 16" kick drum. Sounds good, but I think it could be better... Also lots of mallet bounce that I don't like... Anyone got any tips to share tuning these little kicks? Port? No port? Muffling? No muffling... Etc,... Etc... Thanks Troy
  16. turbojerk

    Love free craiglist stuff...

    Free to me...
  17. turbojerk

    bare shells?

    So where is the best hands down place to purchase bare shell? Thanks T
  18. turbojerk

    Good Mixer (for drum mic'ing)

    Would this be an Ok mixer for general drum micing? Not looking to spend a pile of money, just looking for something to get the job done on small gigs... Found one for sale local used for $40
  19. turbojerk

    My early morning craigslist score!

    Nothin special, but nice and I've wanted one for some time now... $135
  20. turbojerk

    More restomods, WFL style (for the haters)

    Finally got sick and tired of the straight leg/spring lock stuff on my ’58 WFL floor tom,… so I fixed it! You WFL guys will probably notice in the pictures what is different, but others may not. One of my goals was to keep things looking period correct… The entire leg assembly is new...