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    No BRONZE for you!

    The word on the street is that LUDWIG is no longer building bronze drums!
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    WANTED: Peavey radial pro 1000

    Hi everyone, I am still looking for a PEAVEY Radial Pro 1000 14" snare drum in mint- condition. Please spread the word. Thanks!
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    Welcome back Tbone!

    In an official statement Tommy Lee is back as a DW player/endorser. If we get to see him in action bashing away at his new setup this summer is another question.
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    WANTED - Peavey radial pro 1000

    I am currently seeking a 14" Peavey radial pro 1000 snare drum. Please spread the word. Thanks!
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    I hope this warning helps others and saves them time, money & headaches. 11 months ago I purchased the Xymox Hybrid pratice pad. I've been stalled, blown off & lied too. After countless emails being ignored I filed formal complaints with the BBB. This company is a con game and it's owner a theif.
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    in search of (Paiste) China.........

    Hi, I am seeking acouple of China cymbals and was hoping to get help. What I'm looking for is ; - a PAISTE dimensions Power China - a PAISTE 2002 rock China 18" or 20" Mint to near mint preferred. Yes, I realize that they haven't been produced in awhile. But hey I believe someone out here can...