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    Tempus carbon fiber kit

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    OT-Honda Fits

    Had a 2007. Great commuter. Put a 10 piece Slingy with cases and my wife in mine. No prob.
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    What Is A Professional Musician

    Here's another criteria. When you can't make the gig because your other job got in the way.
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    What Is A Professional Musician

    My take on this is "If you are a professional musician, it means that most, if not all your income is a result of you playing music.
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    A week or so ago, someone posted this vid from 2010 of a show I did.

    I should probably note that this was not a working band. The guitarist and bass player and I had been playing this gig once a month on Sat. afternoons for a while. I don't remember why Buck was there. The only time this happened and shows how carefully the 2 of them listened to what was happening.
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    A week or so ago, someone posted this vid from 2010 of a show I did.

    Sorry. My bad. The B-3 player is Buck England, and the guitarist is Rod Cook. Both first call players in the PNW blues scene.
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    A week or so ago, someone posted this vid from 2010 of a show I did.

    the snare is a 1920 ludwig NOB 6.5x14 with 6 lugs. 100 years old. In the vid, I am 70 so the drum is even a bit older than me!
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    A week or so ago, someone posted this vid from 2010 of a show I did.

    A week or so ago, someone posted this vid from 2010 of a show I did with some very old and dear friends. After watching, you will understand why I never made the big time. The bass player and singer is Little Bill, a Pacific Northwest legend who I spent most of my career playing with.
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    Tempus carbon fiber kit

    Bump. When I first got this kit, I had been playing Dayton Rogers and Sonor teardrops. 1st time I brought these drums, at the end of the nite, the guitar player pulled me aside and said " Always bring those drums. Always."
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    Ed Thigpen 22" flat ride

    $200+shipping. Here you go.
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    Dry snare upgrade recommendation

    Even without an internal muffler, a Yamaha zero ring ring will mellow out almost any snare drum.
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    Rug or not to rug....

    I used a rug for years, but now I sport the shiny bald look.
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    Tempus carbon fiber kit

    It is OK. I got his #, and we have been in touch. New member, probably not aware of the PM system.
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    What's your favorite snare drum?

    Mine is my 1920 Ludwig NOB 6.5x14 2 piece shell with 6 lugs. Tried many others but still #1. Decades of gigs with this drum.
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    A n g r y

    A Pearl Export can sound just fine with good heads and proper tuning. Good cymbals will always sound good and bad ones will always sound bad. So focus on learning to tune and buying good quality cymbals. We have all been there. Good luck.
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    57 years ago tonight

    I missed it, as I had a gig that night.
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    Halftime Show....

    Maybe I'm too old. Maybe I'm just a crabby curmudgeon. But I don't get it. I don't know the singers name, but he has a nice voice. But why the boring songs? Why is he singing in Mongolian? Stunning production, but for what?
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    Tempus carbon fiber kit

    Bump. Make me an offer.
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    Osie Johnson & Little Town Flirt ?

    Love Osie! Back around 1960 I had a Colman Hawkins LP with Osie on it. Learned a ton about melodic soloing during many listens to that record. Not about chops.
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    Were there additional musicians in your family? Tell us!

    No one in my generation, but my Grandpa played drums and trombone and one uncle played drums and 2 aunties played piano and sang. Also have a granddaughter who sings and acts in musicals at a pro level and a great granddaughter who is learning mandolin.