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  1. cwdrums

    Where is W&A Player?

    Haven't seen him post in quite a while. Is he sick or ?? Very provocative and outspoken. Added some spice to the forum IMHO. Hope he is OK. Coy
  2. cwdrums

    Slingerland bass drum clamp-on tom mount

    Cataloged as #1285. Anybody got one in good working order? Thanks, Coy in Idaho
  3. cwdrums

    Giving you all the bird!

    Enjoy :)
  4. cwdrums

    Anybody else into Mary and Leo????

    Stumbled across these two incredible musicians and some of their youtube videos. I'm a fan how bout you all? Coy One more
  5. cwdrums

    Camco guys is this the real deal?

    Boise Idaho craigslist - local pawn shop. Coy in Idaho
  6. cwdrums

    Hi cost of shipping + cost of packing material/boxes =

    I'm pretty much done selling large items (drum sets & heavy hardware/stands etc..) on ebay. Add on the cost of doing business with ebay at approximately 13% (fee + paypal) and I just can't get what I want for my stuff. Free shipping is now the norm it seems for online retailing so the hobbyist...
  7. cwdrums

    Brass Piccolo Snare SOLD

    Thinning out the collection and have decided to sell this 13 x 3 ten lug brass piccolo snare drum. No name or identifying marks. Bought it years ago from a now defunct local drum shop. Snare wires say Taiwan. She's a tank and when cranked it can pop your ear drums :) Shiny and bright, dark...
  8. cwdrums

    OT: Anybody else get the Holiday Blues?

    For some reason this time of year really gets me down. Maybe it's the expectations and pressure to get the perfect gift, send out Christmas cards, and put on a happy front. My family has a hard time understanding my feelings. I wish the Holidays were more about family and friends counting our...
  9. cwdrums

    Ringo and Bonham read on...

    Ever noticed how high Ringo sat over his kit, knees bent at a greater than 90 degree angle while Bonham was probably 90 degrees or less. Based on my height and drum sizes I am right at 90 degrees. Seems to me too high and it's harder to get rim shots while too low and that's all you get. What...
  10. cwdrums

    Interesting vintage MIJ drums Thought this family only made pianos??? Unique badge design. Add to our Mij name list. Coy
  11. cwdrums

    How do you edit your title?

    I want to lower the price of my drum in the for sale section but I cannot find any info on how to edit the title. Someone push me in the right direction. Thanks much, Coy
  12. cwdrums

    SOLD :) Mid 70's Ludwig Supra $225.00

    Up for your consideration I have a mid 70's pointy B/O badge Ludwig Supra serial #1536134 (no date stamp or other internal markings). Rims, t-rods and brass washers, muffler, P-85 and butt plate all look to be original. P-85 functions smoothly as does the muffler. Minimal pitting and scratches...
  13. cwdrums

    Need help from all you Vintage Sonor Guys

    Picked up a Sonor snare at a garage sale several years back and I'm now trying to put it back in its original shape.From what I can gather it is an 8 lug D 471 in blue satin flame. Plates/badges on drum say Sonor and Made In Western Germany. Missing throw and butt. I can't find parts numbers...
  14. cwdrums

    Sorry guys but what is reasonable

    when making an offer on a drum or part or whatever? Messin around on local craigslist and made an offer and the guy got a little annoyed. Just a cheapo MIj Pearl snare. Just politely say no and move on. Lowball, insulting, and don't waste my time seem to come up. I don't get offended when...
  15. cwdrums

    Where to buy Acquarian American Vintage Heads

    Suggestions on where to buy these heads for a 1956 WFL tom. I would like a medium single ply for the batter and a thin single ply for the resonant in 16". Do they actually fit the older drums? All the heads I have now are way to snug. Thanks in advance. My local Guitar Center had no clue. Coy...
  16. cwdrums

    Regarding Speed King Pedals

    Guys I am curious, did Ludwig make two different Speed King mounting plates? One for narrower hoops and one for wider hoops? Sorry if my description is not quit accurate. But you know, the part of the pedal which slides under the hoop. I seem to remember reading this somewhere, maybe here :)...
  17. cwdrums

    OK Rogers guys school me please.

    Just picked up this Rogers snare drum off a local craigslist ad - my first and only Rogers snare. Here's what I know from Rob Cook's book, Vintage Drum Guide and duh the paper label inside :). Tower model # 902 ? with a universal throw, tall 11/4 inch COS rims, and bread and butter lugs...
  18. cwdrums

    WOW check out this guy's Reverb listing!

    Never seen so many Ludwig OBP kits in one location. Looks like the mother lode. Coy
  19. cwdrums

    Hey everybody new trick for making repairs

    Just got a vintage 12" Slingerland tom from a fellow DFO brother that needed some holes plugged and patched. We have all used dowels of various sizes to plug the shell but cutting a perfectly round piece of wrap by hand has been, at least for me, a bit more difficult - especially small pieces...
  20. cwdrums

    Need Slingerland Tom Mounting Hardware Please

    Picked up a 12x8 early 70's Slingerland project drum and need the following parts to complete: 1. Carriage bolt, both washers and nut for the diamond plate mount. The carriage bolt thread size is 10-24 and the bolt is one inch in length from the shoulder to tip. 2. A set screw for the diamond...