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  1. Taylnia

    A Drive-By Concert

    Wow. You're a very cool. Do you perform at weddings? It's just that my daughter is getting married in a month. We managed to get permission to hold this event. Now we have already started searching for equipment. We found the spotlights, the DJ remote. We also found a good stage at Outdoor Stage...
  2. Taylnia

    Do You Gamble Any?

    I used to bet in Vancouver, but I had some problems with the taxes, so I've quit, betting physically. I've managed to not gamble a while, cause I found a job that got me busy up to 10 hours. Then it went all with this coronavirus, so I've started to play slots on IGN88, a great page to be...
  3. Taylnia

    How to make your own Ludwig style vintage badge grommets.

    All my jewerly are vintage, guess what am I gonna do soon?
  4. Taylnia

    Recordings That Can’t Be Improved

    Guys, I'm gonna update my playlist! Good music
  5. Taylnia

    No Technique Required

    Nice one and perfect execution
  6. Taylnia

    Please help

    With patience everything is solved