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  1. JoGa

    '70s Ludwig Supra 6.5x14"...SOLD

    Hey All, I'm selling the following snare drum for a good friend. Ludwig Supra Phonic 6.5x14" Blue/Olive Serial no.: 2051497 (late '79 - early '80), shell is in very good condition, later model blackface P-85 throw (works with straps or strings..), tune-lock thumbscrews on the batter side...
  2. JoGa

    FS:'65 Ludwig Club Date kit - SOLD

    Hey all, I decided to sell my blue sparkle '65 Ludwig Club Date Kit. After I got the Legacy kit I never really played anything else but because I'm not a pro and don't play gigs too often, I actually don't need more than one kit. Yet I'd love to add another floor tom to my Legacy set up and for...
  3. JoGa

    '20s Ludwig NOB Universal SOLD

    Hey all, Let's blame this move on the depression.... I need cash urgently and need to make another sacrifice.... For sale is my '20s Ludwig NOB Universal snare. 5x14", two-piece nickel over brass shell, semi-closed but not soldered bearing edges, 6 brass tube lugs, hoop-mounted Universal throw...
  4. JoGa

    Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5x14" SOLD!

    Hey all, I have two 6.5x14" Black Beauties but I urgently need to raise cash to offset some unexpected costs so one of them needs to go. I love both drums but finally decided to sell the 'all-brass' model. This lady has 10 brass tube lugs, brass-plated die-cast hoops, brass P-86 'Millennium'...
  5. JoGa

    '60s Avedis 20" ride SOLD

    Hey all, For sale is my '60s Avedis 20" ride. Weighs 1820 g, no keyholes, cracks or dents. 'Just' a nice, mature ride that sounds killer. Very nice, defined bell, great wash, a little crispy, not so trashy. The stamp is a little faded but is still present. All in all,this is a great cymbal...
  6. JoGa

    '65 Ludwig Supra SOLD

    Hey all, for sale is my '65 Ludwig Supra. 5x14" Ludalloy shell (pitting: see pics), baseball bat muffler, P-83 throw, standard 20-strand chrome wires, Remo Vintage A batter + Remo reso heads. Sounds like a Supra should, looks like a Ludalloy Supra usually does at this age. I'm asking EUR 220 +...
  7. JoGa

    '65 Ludwig BDP Jazzfest SOLD

    This drum is sold.
  8. JoGa

    FS:Leedy Broadway Parallel 1941 SOLD

    Hey all, For sale is my Leedy Broadway Parallel 7x14" snare drum. The specs: Born in 1941 (date stamped inside the shell), has beautiful, evenly yellowed White Marine Pearl finish (the wrap is tight; at one point a very small piece of the wrap is missing but this area is covered by the batter...
  9. JoGa

    FS: Beni Black Russian kit - SOLD

    The kit is sold. Cheers, Gabor ------------------- Hey all, I had to make a difficult decision as I need to raise some extra cash for our small family business due to start later this year. So I'm selling my Beni Black Russian kit. Built in Dec 2005 by Beni Drums, 16x20", 8x12", 12x14"...