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  1. crash

    Getting the band back together......

    Got a call yesterday. Looks like the jazz trio is getting back together. We’re all vaccinated, and wanting to play. Not looking for gigs yet, too early for that. But it would be good just to get to play again. Restless.... And, I really enjoyed the original music jazz gig.
  2. crash

    World Ukulele Day! First video

    World Ukulele Day. Inspired me to come home and try to make my first ukulele video. iPhone camera, dog food box for a tripod. Go easy on me!
  3. crash

    Closing down....

    With the Covid close down, no gigs. Retiring next year. Split between taking our RV and hitting the road, or moving up to the Sierras to be by our kids. No point in trying to restart, by the time things might open up, we'll be moving. Sold my trophy set today. 1965 Slingerlands.They went to a...
  4. crash

    Missed this one!

    Watching”jazz from the Hollywood Bowl”. Didn’t know about this one. “Mega Nova”. Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Wayne Shorter, Cindy Blackman, Marcus Miller. Woulda been *way* high in my list to see!
  5. crash

    Grace Potter, live from Daryll’s House

    Watching Grace Potter on live from Daryll’s House. I have no words for it. Just unbelievable. So good.....
  6. crash

    Sold - 3 Floor tom leg mounts

    Generic leg mounts. Brand new, still bagged! Fits vintage style legs. I ended up with a double order. $15.00 shipped conus Bill
  7. crash

    Cymbal Tilter/mount found

    Hi all! Got a vintage Slingerland stand missing the tilter. Something like the picture. Doesn't have to be Slingerland, I'd find a way to make almost anything work. Anybody got something?? Thanks, Bil l
  8. crash

    Sold- Slingerland rim and heads

    18” sticksaver rim. 1964 vintage. 18 & 16 inch heads.
  9. crash

    Multi brackets, asstd tom mounts

    Waddaya need? Asstd brackets. 2 Generic tom arms. 3 leg brackets.
  10. crash

    13” RIMS mount

    Black 13" RIMS brand mount. $15.00 plus shipping
  11. crash

    LP Gajate bracket. Sold!

    LP Gajate bracket. Cowbell, jam block with your bass pedal. Fun auxiliary percussion. Add to your overall sound. $20.00 plus shipping....
  12. crash

    New Uke day! Huge CL score........

    Answered a CL “moving sale” ukulele & stand ad. Now the new owner of an MP custom tenor. Cedar top, Peruvian rosewood back and sides. Flame maple binding. He even filled the bridge pins with MOP. #967. I had one of his concerts before. Really like the neck profile he uses. Cool for me, he’s a...
  13. crash


    If you’ve got a VHS, these are yours for the price of shipping! Particularly like the two Zorro videos and the Bruford one.....
  14. crash

    Roland TD6 set plus extras $350 plus shipping

    Roland Td6 drums. Upgraded mesh snare. Added crash cymbal {not pictured}. Practice anytime! Good for quiet band practice, just run them thru the mixer. They have stereo line outputs, records great. Have cut several demo with people. Use the down time to practice and record! Includes Tama Iron...
  15. crash

    Toca jingle Snare/timbale. $40.00!!!!

    Really fun auxiliary snare. Mount it off your hi hat! Tambourine jingles, adjustable snare wires. Adds some nice variety to your sound! Very good shape. New cost is around $165.00! $50.00 pplus shipping
  16. crash

    Bill Bruford in full flight!

    Really well recorded live version of Larks Tongue. I was lucky enough to see them several times in this error. What a great band! Bruford was just on point. A huge inspiration to me when I was getting
  17. crash

    Sdc- Had to get it!

    We were at Grocery Outlet Prepping for the zombie Apocalypse. Came across this, and had to have it.
  18. crash

    PBS - Miles Davis, Birth of the cool

    Really well done. Worth a watch!
  19. crash


    Started playing with a cover band recently. Discussing what next weeks tunes will be. They want to try Barracuda! Checking up on it. This one’s gonna be a workout. Wow, the bass drum triplets alone will whip me into shape!
  20. crash

    Great Ludwig ad!

    Great ad. Love the double mounted cymbals. Spent a lot of time hanging around Pro Drum with him....