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  1. DrumR69

    Chinese Tom restoration part 2

    Here is a second Chinese Tom from the 20’s that was painted gold. I was able to get back most of the picture on the skin from behind the paint. Then painted the shell in usual red color. I think it’s much better now. Wayne Finished shot Before shot
  2. DrumR69

    Restoration of Giant Chee Foo Chinese Tom Tom

    Don’t see these everyday. 20’s Chinese Tom Tom. I believe both Leedy and Ludwig might of offered these. Unfortunately someone painted it gold, I tried to remove the gold paint but it would not sand or strip off very well. I found some pictures and info and just decided to paint it as it would of...
  3. DrumR69

    58’ W&A anniversary sparkle kit...

    Throwback Thursday Last year made 50 years playing drums so celebrated with this beauty. 58’ W&A anniversary sparkle kit. 20/13/16/14sn Jasper shells and Gretsch Hoops and lugs Ludwig floor Tom mounts. Wayne
  4. DrumR69

    Trap kit cymbals - Zildjians plus others???

    I just got these with a trap kit and was wondering if someone could tell me what I might have. 3- 10” unknown 1-11” Zildjian 1- 14” Zildjian 1- 14” unknown Thanks for any info.
  5. DrumR69

    Gretsch flea market find-before and after.

    Here is how I found this 4155 snare-
  6. DrumR69

    Gretsch SSB snare find.

    I went to a flee market today and found this under a bunch of junk hiding. Asked him how much he wanted for it and said $5. So I grabbed it of course. Needs some TLC but I think it will clean up well. I believe it might be a 4155. Any info would be helpful. Top rim and part of strainer missing...
  7. DrumR69

    Kenny Aronoff, with Experience Hendrix Tour

    Anyone seen this tour yet? I just caught it Friday and Kenny was a beast. The last portion of the night featured Kenny with Joe Satriani and Dug Pinnick (King's X) on bass and vocals. They played several (over a 1/2 hour of Jimi's greats) songs and it was quite a work out just watching him. All...
  8. DrumR69

    Help with "Rogers" Paper Tags/stickers...

    I have a 3 pc. Eagle Badge Rogers kit and was wondering if anyone has seen these stickers before? The closet I have found is the one in the Rob Cook book. The three inside my kit has a big stamp "T" on them. Was just wondering if anyone had info on what the "T" stood for, haven't seen another...
  9. DrumR69

    Walberg & Auge Snare day

    Just weathering a wet Nor-Easter and had nothing else going on. These were catching my eye for some reason on the shelf. They all are unique in there own way and all but the Mahogany has a kit to go with them. Just thought it would be cool to see some of the other W&A snares that might be out...
  10. DrumR69

    Help needed on Ludwig dumpster save.

    I just received a Ludwig pre-serial kit that someone saved from being thrown in a dumpster. I have a few questions about this set and want to bring this back to some sort of life. Unfortunately someone painted this with some sort of textured paint. Any ideas what might take this off without...
  11. DrumR69

    Ludwig 14x14 Super classic lug count question???

    Was there a 14x14 Super Classic floor tom made with 6 lugs each side or were they all 8 lugs? I was just reading another post and Mike L. mentioned how he liked the 6 lug Club date floor tom a little better than the Super classic floor tom with 8 lugs each side. So I had to check my 1964 Super...
  12. DrumR69

    Another unique Walberg and Auge kit

    Here is another beauty made by W & A thats quite interesting. I believe it is from late 50s It is a 20/12/12/16/14 sn and 6/8 bongos. Can anyone tell me about this wrap? OBP one off which Walberg is known to use? Bongos are 3 ply jasper / Gretsch silver interior with Gretsch and Walberg...
  13. DrumR69

    Ludwig 75th anniversary kit value?

    Hello, Trying to find out what a fair value for this kit would be. Looked for previous sold on Ebay but not much there. Want to sell but don't know what would be fair. How much would you pay for this kit? Like to sell to someone on the forum but would have to be a local pickup or in vicinity...
  14. DrumR69

    WFL 3 at 2018 CT drum show

    Here are a couple of pictures from show if interested. Feel free to add pictures if you want. Still on the fence about the lugs. The air vents are pretty unique on the aluminum shells. Wayne
  15. DrumR69

    “BIG BLUE” @ CT Drumshow2018

    HI All, Just spoke with Jeremy and wanted to let you know, If you are interested and going to CT drum show stop by the Walberg and Auge booth. Big Blue will be on display. Wayne
  16. DrumR69

    Oaklawn Camco plys?

    I just picked up an Oaklawn snare and was wondering how you can tell the ply count? Just curious if there is an easy way, I believe this one is later and makes it 6 ply??? Wayne
  17. DrumR69

    Ludwig 1984 16" faded red mahogany floor tom wanted.

    Looking to get something close to match an 18" floor tom I have. Kit is from 1984 , 6-ply Faded red mahogany. (see picture) Thanks for looking Wayne
  18. DrumR69

    Premier HiHat stand ID and unidendified stand info needed.

    Looking for any info on this Premier stand. Can not seem to find what period it is from. It is heavy duty and stands on its own when legs are folded or half way out but when fully extended the legs do not touch. Never seen one like this. These were just picked up with some drum stuff and was...
  19. DrumR69

    Early 60's Ludwig "Spotlight kit"? or not?

    I purchased this kit from a friend's wife who suddenly passed and to help the family financially. So I wish I could ask him more about this kit but can't. So what better place than here to look for answers. First off you don't see to many spotlight kits. So here is what I am thinking might be...
  20. DrumR69

    20" K custom ride weights?

    Hello I just received a 1999 K custom 20" ride and was wondering what these ran for weights. This one weighs 3087g and compared to a couple of A's that I have in that size they weight considerably less. It is my first K so don't know if this is a standard weight for this era. Does anyone have...