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  1. mfryed2112

    Sabian AAX Thin Ride?

    If you use Facebook, follow them on there. Lot of good stuff coming out, it’s prolly just the logo though!
  2. mfryed2112

    Need help Identifying Ludwig Bass and snare

    Black beauty, score!
  3. mfryed2112

    Some Pics Are Hard To Find

    Very cool!
  4. mfryed2112

    When Steve Maxwell Says It’s the Best Gretsch He’s Ever Played…

    I would not buy one thing from this guy! It’s all out there at much lower prices! That’s a fact
  5. mfryed2112

    A word to the wise (The Great Youtube Purge)

    This is great, there is so much junk on there. I have to admit though, ever since I went to Europe a year and a half ago I have been addicted to travel videos of Belgium Luxembourg France Germany Austria and Italy
  6. mfryed2112

    New Kit

    I’m using pinstripes and they sound great!
  7. mfryed2112

    New Kit

    I have the same in tobacco burst with the addition of a 14 inch floor and the design series 6&8 inch concert toms, I like these drums a lot
  8. mfryed2112

    Thinking about some Ludwig Mods...

    Ok, I get that the legs are longer but why is it so hard to get the legs in and out of the mounts? I’ve never owned a club date before.
  9. mfryed2112

    Have you ever seen the Talking Heads perform?

    The talking heads are so weird that it makes them cool! That’s the only way I can describe them.
  10. mfryed2112

    Sabian HHX Legacy Rides?

    If you were playing 70’s rock the legacy would work. How about a groove ride?
  11. mfryed2112

    Thinking about some Ludwig Mods...

    I still don’t understand the problem? You say your drum won’t fit in the drum bag? I say you have the wrong bag
  12. mfryed2112

    Ludwig timp tom question

    I would like to find a 20
  13. mfryed2112

    Ludwig timp tom question

    Did they make these in 6 ply?
  14. mfryed2112

    Drum brands (starting over from scratch)

    Do you love your star classics?
  15. mfryed2112

    Sabian HHX Legacy Rides?

    This is all I can find that is good, I think sabian had a Facebook video about a year ago. What cymbals do you currently play? These cymbals play light but sound big if that makes sense? They will work for rock, but probably not heavy rock.
  16. mfryed2112

    What Ludwig Finish Is This?

  17. mfryed2112

    What Ludwig Finish Is This?

    Try a pc of scrap wrap wrapped around the shell and try to put a head on
  18. mfryed2112

    Zildjian quick beat and Zildjian rock hats

    I think quick beats are clangy