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    Hats that are dark and low pitched, but crisp and quick?

    One more vote for Bosphorus Traditional Dark. I have a super light set of 13's that fit your description perfectly.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Yep, it's really dark, although it doesn't sound as dry as the recording in person. It crashes with a very gong-like tone, hit just right it reminds me of the tam tam at the start of A Love Supreme. I bought with the intention of playing quieter jazz, works great.
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Picked up a very light (2070g) Bosphorus Master Flat ride. This one, although the recording doesn't do it justice: Something about thin flat rides that is really special, tons of really sweet wash, nice woody stick sound and it never gets out of control. Love it!
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    24" (and bigger) Flat rides

    Yeah, that all makes sense. You're trading off some of essential character of a flat ride when you go big. I'll leave this here though - I think it sounds amazing if very different from most flat rides:
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    24" (and bigger) Flat rides

    These seem to be rare birds, most flat rides I see are 18-22's. I think I want one on the thin end of the spectrum - I love the stick definition and controlled wash of flat rides and like the idea of something big and low pitched. Is there a reason these are uncommon? I'd have to buy one based...
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    Amazon deals thread

    Heads up to steer clear of this one once my return gets back in stock: I bought the last one for $196.95 and it arrived today, significant dent on the edge and scuffed up like it's well used. It's going back which is...
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    SOLD Drum Books For Sale

    Sent you a PM.
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    North custom shells.....finished/unfinished

    I'm interested in the Bop kit but have a few questions - I sent you a PM.