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  1. drumdevil9

    Gretsch Catalina

    More like 2001- 2002.
  2. drumdevil9

    “Midnight Special “

    KISS before their uber-fame. The black Pearl kit was only used for this performance and we see why at the end. :bom:
  3. drumdevil9

    Compact drum kit - 20" BD is no smaller than a 22" BD ??

    In terms of space saved you're absolutely right. There is virtually no difference if depth is equal. I happen to like 18 and 20 inch bass drums (for stated tom height) but fully acknowledge it's not taking up less space. They're a bit more portable and fit in the car easier maybe but even that...
  4. drumdevil9

    Biggest, fattest, deepest floor tom...

    I used to have a Tama Artstar II with an 18x16. Awesome thunder.
  5. drumdevil9

    Gretsch Catalina

    It's amazing how we all have different ears. I love my CCJ. The toms sing and the bass drum punches. I use it often. I also have a Brooklyn so it's not like I'm Gretsch ignorant. Those center lug Catalina Clubs came out in the early 2000's and were replaced by the small single sided lugs by mid...
  6. drumdevil9

    New kit just landed

    Stunning kit! Congrats!
  7. drumdevil9

    Looking For a Portable Kit

    IMO when it comes to portability/sound, shallow drums with larger diameters will win every time over small drums like the Breakbeats, Midtown, etc. I'd much rather play a shallow 20" than a 16"x14". The pitch will be lower and it'll take up less space. Win/win. The Tama or Taye Go kits linked...
  8. drumdevil9

    A nice surprise!

    Cool, congratulations!
  9. drumdevil9

    The Importance of Seemingly Impossible Goals

    Congrats. I like the feeling of walking away from a gig thinking I had a good night. A flawless night is pretty rare. Enjoy the snare!
  10. drumdevil9

    Gretsch Catalina

    Those are Catalina Club Mods. The bass drum is 20" deep BTW which would be a sticking point for me but that may not be an issue for you. 350 would be a good target, yes. I have a Cat Jazz and love the sound and light weight.
  11. drumdevil9

    Musicians are expert mind readers

    Spot-on, man. I can't tell you how many times...
  12. drumdevil9

    Finally! - Ringo replacing Pete Best - Paul McCartney's definitive answer.

    I always assumed they got Ringo because they liked the way he played. Some people just don't make the cut. It happens all the time. Also they didn't know they were going to be the biggest band in the world of all time which makes it seem even more tragic for Best in hindsight.
  13. drumdevil9

    What setup do you bring to club/bar/restaurant gigs?

    Always a 4-piece with 2 cymbals and hats. Sizes vary to suit my mood/the music.
  14. drumdevil9

    Floor Tom Legs with Memory Locks???

    Floor tom legs are too long these days to just fold in and put in the case. Cutting them is a good idea. I actually have a set of the old Ludwig legs that are short. I should probably be using them.
  15. drumdevil9

    Acrolite - Loctite it or send it back?

    I would just put on the newer P85 that takes a ribbon. That's what I did with my 79 Supra. Not a fan of string.
  16. drumdevil9

    Floor Tom Legs with Memory Locks???

    I use a number system with a Sharpie on the back of the memory locks but the kit that has them doesn't get much action these days. I can usually get my floor tom set up right pretty quickly without them.
  17. drumdevil9

    The ability to play multiple styles

    Ok cool. It just didn't come off that way.
  18. drumdevil9

    The ability to play multiple styles

    Pretty close-minded post there but it's your business if you don't want to learn anything new. For the rest of us it's the furthest thing from selling out. And from all of us out there who have had to do "undignified" work to make ends meet...your contempt for working people is duly noted.
  19. drumdevil9

    Another uncomfortable situation with Drummer...

    Is it this guy? Fits your description.
  20. drumdevil9

    Ludwig Clubdate SE opinions?

    I have the silver sparkle wrap. It has no issues. Can't speak for the other wraps but mine seems to be the typical Delmar silver sparkle that's on a million drums.