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  1. bigbeat

    New Beato bag shipped in a garbage bag!

    I ordered a new Beato pro one snare bag direct from Beato. It was mailed via USPS wrapped up in a black contractors trash bag, encircled with lots of clear packing tape! The shipping label was simply pasted on top of the tape. There was no damage, and the bag is fine but I was really surprised...
  2. bigbeat

    At My Office

    Me this past Thursday, April 25th at Boxi Park near Orlando Florida. Ludwig Maple Legacies, 14x 22, 9x13, 16x16, 5 x 14 Ludwig Supraphonic, Zildjian Constantinople 22" Medium Thin Low Ride, Zildjian crashes, Zildjian 15" K hats, Audix D6 mounted on a Kelly Shu in bass drum.
  3. bigbeat

    Soultone 21" Custom Brilliant RA Flat Ride

    Just took delivery of a Soultone CBRRA-FLRID21-21" Custom Brilliant RA Flat Ride Cymbal which I ordered on 12/21 from Amazon for $74. Current Amazon price now $303.51. I've never owned a flat ride but I couldn't pass this up. Put it on a cymbal stand and it sounds very good! Deep dark tone...
  4. bigbeat

    How do I Start a Teaching Practice?

    I'm sure this has been covered before, but I want to start a small business teaching drum set. I have many years of both professional playing and taking professional lessons, so I have confidence in my ability to do the work. Now I need students. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  5. bigbeat

    How can I count or write out this break?

    Can someone tell me how to count or write out the break that appears 3x, at .58, 3:30, and 6:38 in this video. The song seems to be in 4/4 counting triplets, or 12/8 counting 8th notes, but something happens at this break that I can't quite put my finger on. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. bigbeat

    Procussion: Pedal Lube; Wear Barrier; Cymbal Care- any good?

    Has anyone tried any of these 3 products from Procussion Care? I can understand keeping pedals and other moving parts of drum hardware lubricated, but this company seems to be solving other problems that may not exist. Will using Wear Barrier really "extend the life of...
  7. bigbeat

    My Office last Night

    Did a charity gig (for pay). Ludwig Legacy maple/poplar/maple, 14x22 with Audix D6 mounted inside with a Kelly Shu; 9x13, 16x16, Noble & Cooley 5x14 snare. Zildjian Ks all around. Sorry I can't post pic. I read the pinned instruction, too!
  8. bigbeat

    Played A Celebrity Party in Hollywood

    This past Saturday night I played a lavish birthday party in Hollywood for a very well known female pop singer. I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I can't say whom, or provide many details. The band and I had to learn over 40 songs (no music stands on stage!) in about 1 week. They were all...
  9. bigbeat

    Trouble Opening and Closing Retractable Brushes

    I currently have 3 pairs of retractable brushes, from 3 different manufacturers. They are all several years old, rarely used, and stored in a stick bag. In each pair, one of the brushes has become very difficult to open and close, but the other slides very easily, as it should. It feels like...
  10. bigbeat

    How do you play Viva Las Vegas?

    If any of you have had to cover Elvis's Viva Las Vegas, what did you play? It sounds to me like the drums are playing continuous 16ths throughout, but there's a lot of percussion, guitar, and background vocals that make it hard for me to hear what the drummer is playing. Suggestions welcome...
  11. bigbeat

    How to mic a kick drum

  12. bigbeat

    Mapex snares for $99

    Just got an ad from Casio Interstate music offering Mapex MPX Series Maple Snare Drum - Transparent Black Finish - 14" x 5.5" or Mapex MPX 14"x6.5" Hammered Steel Snare Drum -for $99, free shipping, no tax. I ordered 1 of each!
  13. bigbeat

    Shout Out to Christian C.

    I want to thank DFO member Christian C. I just received a pair of hats that I bought from him at an excellent price. Very well packed, shipped right away! Thanks!
  14. bigbeat

    Anyone using or familiar with Mono bags?

    Anyone here using the Mono snare bag, stick bag or cymbal bag? They are very pricey-snare bag is $150, cymbal bag is $190, and stick bag $80. Are they worth it? Are they substantially better than Protection Racket, Ahead or Beato Pro-1?
  15. bigbeat

    Shout out to lossforgain

    I just bought a beautiful great sounding Noble & Cooley snare from lossforgain. He assisted me in making the transaction fast and worry free. He shipped right away, the drum was very well packed, and actually arrived before the tracking site predicted! Thanks lossforgain!
  16. bigbeat

    Secret to staying refreshed at gigs

  17. bigbeat

    Availability of DW Direct Drive Pedal?

    I'd like to try one out. Anyone know when they will be available in stores? Anyone here actually play one?
  18. bigbeat

    Where on stage do you set up?

    I have always set up in the middle of the stage, like most drummers. Not too long ago the leader (guitar/singer) in one of my bands asked me to set up on his far left (from the audience, I'm on the far right of the stage). Now the entire band (bass, guitar/singer, keys) is on my right. I have...
  19. bigbeat

    Easily Exchangeable Bass Drum Art?

    I play in 2 different bands with the same kit. I would like to have the band name/art on the front bass drum head, but want to avoid, if possible, having to use 2 separate heads, and exchanging them for every gig. Does anyone know of easily removable decals or another solution to this problem?