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    Welcome aboard!
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    Rogers Swivomatic pedal spring.

    Also check out McMaster-Carr for some springs (if you don't have a well-stocked hardware store nearby), you should be able to get a package of them for less than the price of one spring... Follow the links for Extension Springs with Hook Ends
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    Winter Namm 2020

    HA! I see what you did there...
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    alternative spring replacement for axis pedals?

    I couldn't find info on the Axis spring rate. Unfortunately, I don't think any manufacturer puts that general information in their manuals or sales content as I checked several for comparison. I would call Axis again (310.549.1171) and I would also follow-up using the web-based contact form on...
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    alternative spring replacement for axis pedals?

    Check McMaster-Carr for replacement springs... if they aint got it, you don't need it! Check under the links for extension springs > extension springs with hooks:
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    Drum shed

    What's cheaper to produce, a single concrete slab or a concrete slab tied into four concrete walls?
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    When The Levee Breaks (and songs that might run too long)

    HA! Good one.
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    The Stupefyingly Funky Jonas Brothers!

    Nothing like some fathead bloviating... "These 14-seconds are like opening a wormhole through musical space/time tying the tracks drummer... all the way back to Clyde Stubblefield... I'm translating it as "I have a crush on all three of the yummy Jonas boys!"
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    Reducing sympathetic snare buzz

    Bob Gratzen put down some good thoughts on video... search YT for his tuning series like this one:
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    Downsides to converted acoustic drums compared to e-drums?

    Trigger wise I think you can find just what you need on the market (plenty of DIY'ers on the VDrums Forum) that would replicate "good" e-kits, if you go the mesh head route. The challenge is figuring out what module to go with, and this is where your costs are going to escalate, especially so if...
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    Remote hi hat experiences?

    Thanks for the update!
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    "Masters Of Resonance" dw Movie

    DW has a ton of info available online. Check out the Info tab and look at the Digitial Literature. They've got something you might find interesting called the "Book of Plies," here's a link:
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    Remote hi hat experiences?

    halldorl, thanks for the feedback, I'll check out the latest model.
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    Ludwig heirloom snares

    I thought these drum were pretty good looking in person... I liked the color (black nickel that is brushed rather than polished as you mentioned), decorative etching with no bead and Imperial lugs. The shell is rolled and welded. Don't know if you've seen this, but here is a brief overview from...
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    Remote hi hat experiences?

    Is this a newer remote HH? I've got an older (mid-80's) TAMA cable, and I thought it was a bit mushy compared to the direct-drive rod of my traditional HH stands. Just curious if there's been an improvements in feel over the years.
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    Recommendations for beginner song sheet music (hal leonard etc)

    Well you're in the right neighborhood with the Hal Leonard stuff. Another publisher to look into is Alfred. Since it's for you, I'd just grab some titles with songs you already know/like or always wanted to learn and go for it. I've got a half-dozen of these kind of titles & think these are...
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    OT. And its not even Winter yet.

    The other day, it got so bad here in So. Cal. that I actually had to roll down my shirt sleeves ;-)
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    Drum brands (starting over from scratch)

    There is no one "best." Far too subjective a topic to nail down without a boat load of criteria as RIDDIM is pointing out. However, to echo some of the other comments above, there is no better time to be buying drums than today as there are so many high quality choices. It would be hard to...
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    Fresh from Duluth-Now with Video!

    WOW... Built-out, that thing looks like a BEAST!!!!
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    Rediscovered My INDe Aluminum

    Not the best picture, but this is my LS403TD50 - Ludwig 6.5"x14" snare with "exotic" Birdseye maple veneer. It was sitting in the box for over 8-years. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't have as many freckles as the original "limited edition" version from 2000 (I didn't dig the brass...