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    Montineri 3-Ply Vintage Mahogany Bop Kit: $1,499 (Video Added)

    This guy only sells primo stuff, folks. This is a deal.
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    Drumming Fundamentals

    Two things come to mind: - learning what the music we want to play needs - developing the facility to deliver it well.
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    Improving or Overplaying?

    - Commit to being a great musician. Learn more about the music as a whole - everyone's parts, why they play them and how you can best help the music come alive. Then you'll know what to play, and the best fit may not be what's on the record (unless you're in a verbatim cover band). Being...
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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    - Kind of but not quite. Hence my response.
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    Drum brands (starting over from scratch)

    - I have the Gretsch disease; I can relate. - Yamaha makes great hardware and drums. If you can snag a Phoneix kit, well tuned, you might noit want to play anything else. Except perhaps... - Once you sit behind a stave kit a la Hendrix - carved in reinforcement rings, thinner mid sections -...
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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    - He's kept the gig. That means he's not overplaying per the ears of those writing the checks. If he worked for you he might well change his approach.
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    Gretsch USA Custom kit, price drop $2000

    Go to FB and post it on a Gretsch Drums group.
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    The Biggest Rock Drumming Myths

    - If he's overplaying the material, why does he still have the gig after lo these many years? From what I have seen, not giving the band what it wants tends to result in an open calendar and alternate careers in grounds maintenance, Walmart or Uber.
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    Drum brands (starting over from scratch)

    What makes something the best? Pretty much every firm makes great gear at the upper end. And a lot of the mid range or lower end gear is an improvement over what we came up with. What are your musical needs? What sorts of music are you playing in what environments? What sorts of sounds do...
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    This Brady Does Not look like a Jarrah Ply

    - Correct. Also, you can see, in the bearing edge photos, that the grain runs around the edge as well. That doesn't happen on block drums.
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    FOR THE LOVE OF STAVE DRUMS! Share those beautiful stave and block snare drums pics!

    1. 7x12 Block Jarrah Brady. 2. 8x14 Brady block Sheoak. 3. Walnut stave kit.
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    FOR THE LOVE OF STAVE DRUMS! Share those beautiful stave and block snare drums pics!

    - Was the shell not sealed? Have you tried sending it back?
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    Fresh from Duluth-Now with Video!

    If I bought an 8x14, it would definitely be 3 mm.
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    one tom

    I forgot the bar to my Icon rack a few nights ago and did the gig with one floor tom. This forced me to think differently about many things, but nobody died.
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    Pretty sure she can play with a band.

    She's not fooling around up there.
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    DW Takes Over Slingerland Brand From Gibson

    I wonder if they aren't setting themselves up for possible antitrust action down the road. I'm sure they'll do a great job with the brand, but....
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    Beatdown Brown Gets A&F Snare

    - I agree. Andy's stuff is not jam session materiel just yet
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    Beatdown Brown Gets A&F Snare

    - Rich is a beast. I've seen him with Andy Milne and Sean Rickman several times. Whew!