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  1. mydadisjr

    slightly OT...CARVIN PA SPEAKERS

    hello all: I have some old and VERY HEAVY Yamaha PA cabs. They sound great but weigh 62lbs. I just do not want to lug them around anymore. I keep looking at the Carvin LM15 cabs...molded plastic, a 15" and a horn. Can get 'em shipped to me for about $540 a pair. Anybody using these? I...
  2. mydadisjr

    New Luddy Black Beauty

    Sooo.... Heidi Klum is now dating DFO members? Where do i send the photo?
  3. mydadisjr

    LUDWIG COB LB402 QUESTION....Latter Day Ludwig Experts??

    Hey, that's the drum I'm talking about...this is the drum that the seller claims has no BRASS EDITION oval badge, plus the seller is pretty cloudy about specifics... PLUS he calls it an LM402 when it is supposed to be an LB402... PLUS he keeps relisting the auction saying he does not have...
  4. mydadisjr

    Favorite Christmas Music

    WHAT, NO TSO??
  5. mydadisjr

    LUDWIG COB LB402 QUESTION....Latter Day Ludwig Experts??

    Anybody? The lack of the BRASS EDITION badge scares me....
  6. mydadisjr

    Have u tried EVANS Hydraulic tom heads?

    Thanks for the Attack suggestion, Tommy. I have some regular coated attacks on my Slingerland set and they work nicely. Might have to give the Attack 2 ply's a try.........
  7. mydadisjr

    Have u tried EVANS Hydraulic tom heads?

    Well, we all pretty much agree that hydraulics are too dead, but what is the LIVELIEST 2 ply head? I am setting up a couple of toms for rock playing (most of my stuff is single ply coated Amb, Attack or Evans, tuned for jazz, but I need some rock toms) and I want a double ply sound with some...
  8. mydadisjr

    OT - Gibson Guitar Company

    Sweet...I've always wanted a flame maple top '59 vintage style PEAVEY Les Paul..........
  9. mydadisjr

    LUDWIG COB LB402 QUESTION....Latter Day Ludwig Experts??

    Hey, any LDLE's out there (LATTER DAY LUDWIG EXPERTS)? I am looking at some pics of a COB LB402 for a possible purchase...large Monroe badge #3,4xx,xxx but no BRASS EDITION oval badge. Did the first batch of these not have the BE badge? Also, did these drums have a "B" stamped anywhere? Any...
  10. mydadisjr


    Hello All: I need to transfer my approx 10,000 songs from my WMP (Windows Media Player, Vista OS) to an ipod type device. I am looking for something that is the most "Windows compatible", can hold about 12,000 songs and has the largest screen available. Would most of these devices have some...
  11. mydadisjr

    could this be a dynasonic?

    I got to interview Ben Strauss a few times back in day when he lived in Scottsdale and we discussed early Dynas at length. Ben said that the move to the thin 3 ply sharp edge Keller shell (about mid 1961?) was partly due to the fact that the Dyna was coming into production at that time. Rogers...
  12. mydadisjr

    OT: Windows 7

    I just picked up a brand new Toshiba laptop ($299!!!) with Windows, does it start up fast! I am planning on doing strictly music production on it, no internet or gaming (as of yet). Anybody know the easiest way to transfer all of my Windows Media Player info from my old HP Vista laptop...
  13. mydadisjr

    new LUDWIG COB 402...should I??

    Howdy: I am trying to talk myself into a getting a new 6.5 chome over brass Supra for my xmas present to me (wife gets a new 32" Vizio TV). Looking at the standard imperial lug model, 6.5 COB. Should I take the plunge? Anybody have a clue on where the best internet prices are? Midwest has...
  14. mydadisjr

    What's your local drum store like?

    Local drum shop?? Please correct me if I am wrong, Arizona Drum Brothers, but I believe there are NO 100% strictly drum shops in Arizona. The only decent sized music store here in Prescott AZ is AZ Drum and Music, a kind of mini-GC with lots of low-mid line electrics (Dean, Schecter, Ibanez)...
  15. mydadisjr

    OT - what are you driving?

    1992 Mazda B2200 pickup that I bought new, white...super gigmobile, EZ loading, 28 mpg, still looks pretty good... BUT not great in the snow. Luckily it only snows 5.3 times per year here in Prescott. Totally primitive, 2 bbl carb, distributor, crank windows, the old cassette player just...
  16. mydadisjr

    CASCIO INTERSTATE 10% plus 15% hardware deal

    Cascio is doing a crazy sale...10% off accessories and such...heads, wires, sticks, hoops, cases, stands and pedals. PLUS there is a coupon code now for ANOTHER 15% off!...code is SP112309 and ends the 23rd, use all caps when typing it in. I just tried it and it all worked, plus free shipping...
  17. mydadisjr

    Removing dents from reso haed

    I've been removing dents for years. Ironing will not work. Steam will not work. Matches are very limited, and are an easy to melt a hole right thru the head, especially on snare reso heads. Two words...HEAT GUN. I have an EZPOWER 1500 watt gun, basically a supercharged hair dryer. I clean...
  18. mydadisjr


    Don't let the nay-sayers get to you. The Ludwig spun alloy shell is one of the best drum shells ever made and the fact that the acro is only 8 lugs does NOT automatically make it worse sounding than a Supra. I have a 1971 Standard...same basic shell as the acro but without the bead, 5x14 8...
  19. mydadisjr

    Rogers snare prices.

    Ah, the dreaded POODER2! First off, a Cleveleland made snare is technically a little more desirable than a flat gray interior Dayton just because it is a little older, but no big deal. The only real difference is the name on the tag...drums from both eras were made in the same factory...
  20. mydadisjr

    got ur AARP card ?

    Hotels and Motels will always give discounts....AARP, AAA, whatever. I always say I have AARP and they never ask to see the card. Maybe their insurance is a good deal (they actually turnd me down once) but the Hotel thing ain't no big shakes.