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  1. Drumsagogo711

    Boso sticks

    Has anyone tired them? Like em? The weight thing ? Does a 7A dark feel like a 5A hickory? A 5A natural feel like a 7A hickory with a little more dia. How about the lengths? I'm interested but not sure . I play VF 8D now so.... Thanks, Dave
  2. Drumsagogo711

    Shout out to Frankmott

    I took advantage of Doug's $149.00 any size drum and got a 14x20 WMP to go with all my cat club toms, I might re-cover it in SS, anyway, I paypaled Tue. eve. and it came this afternoon. If you guy's need anything he is THE MAN great service and speedy del. THANK YOU!! Later, Dave
  3. Drumsagogo711

    Catalina Club Classic

    I have the cat .club Jazz and the cat club rock [26" bass] kits and I would like to add a 20" mahog. bass drum in silver sparkle. Is it possible to by separate.??? Later, Dave
  4. Drumsagogo711


    I want to say I am sorry if I offended Dan or anyone else, that was not my intention. Something rubs me the wrong way but I don't need to take it out on Dan. We pm'd each other and as far as I'm concerned it's all good. Later, Dave
  5. Drumsagogo711

    Zil Bel

    What does a z bel sound like and what uses does it have Thanks, Dave
  6. Drumsagogo711

    Great guy, great sale

    I like to thank Mark [Titus Pullo] for the Kent snare drum he dropped off today. My first kit was a kent back in 1967 and I am a sucker for simple. Mark is a great guy to do business with. Later, Dave
  7. Drumsagogo711

    Speed King Refurbished

    I am about ready to have a couple of my SK done and I am wondering who you guys and gals recommend. Any good ,bad experiences? Thanks Later, Dave
  8. Drumsagogo711

    40 years ago

    40 years ago today I married my high school sweetheart, it has been rough at times but we have managed to make it. I know how to make it work "She does what she wants and I do what she want" it works out fine. JUST KIDDING we both try to give and take and as you know any wife that can put up...
  9. Drumsagogo711

    I joined the Rock Tour family tonight

    After resisting the MF blowout a couple of weeks ago I look at the local craigslist tonight and 20 min. away was a brand new kit for sale so an hour later I am the proud owner of a new RT set. I spent a few min tuning it up and I think I hit the jackpot ,a couple of turns on both heads of the BD...
  10. Drumsagogo711

    Yamaha Rock Tour

    Anybody play, own have any comments on these? I REALLY don't need a another set but...... Thanks, Dave
  11. Drumsagogo711

    2005 Slingerland

    Sorry about the multiple badge post. More questions. A 2005 set Gibson/Arkansas a little wrap peel on floor tom,22/16/13 $425.00 To much? Not the best Slingerlands? BDP which is not my favorite wrap and I don't really need....hey I think I just talked myself out of these. Let me know what you...
  12. Drumsagogo711

    Slingerland Badge Help

    What can you Slingerland guys tell me about this badge and the drums it's on. Years? Make up of drums? where made? good quality? Thanks Dave
  13. Drumsagogo711

    Slingerland Help

    I need help with this Slingerland badge. What years were they made and where? Good drums ?shell makeup? Thanks, Dave
  14. Drumsagogo711


    My wife won a local contest so we are being flown down to the CMA's . We get three days and two nights but Tue. and Thur. will be coming and going so we might see if we can get a flight back on Fri. and stay a couple of extra days. We spent a week in Nashville in 06 and LOVED it so I'm hoping we...
  15. Drumsagogo711

    Sonor Force 2001

    Where does this fall in the Sonor line? Thoughts? Later,Dave
  16. Drumsagogo711

    Peavey Radial Pro 751

    Anyone have any experience with these, thoughts? There is a set on CL for $500.00?? Late, Dave
  17. Drumsagogo711

    DW Remote Hi Hat

    I bought a used remote hat and I understand the newer DW9000's have a removable cable? If this is true is it possible to buy a new cable and retro fit it?? How about it dealers? Thanks,Dave
  18. Drumsagogo711

    Remote cable hi hat

    I want to put a cable hat on my right side I have an old Yamaha but it is a pia to pack up and now the cable has fryed? I was wondering who makes a hi hat that is easy to set up and transport...any thoughts Thanks,Dave
  19. Drumsagogo711

    Ludwig Atlas Pro pedal

    I just bought a new one off of ebay and I love it BUT I do have one question ,Mine came with two different chains. I thought the pro came with the chains AND a adjustable strap??? Anybody know? I really would like to try this pedal with strap drive. Thanks,Dave
  20. Drumsagogo711

    Ludwig Catalogs

    Any of our luddie dealers have any 2013 catalogs? If so how much? Thanks, Dave