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  1. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Sonor Sonic Plus Jungle Kit - German Birch shells

    Sonor Sonic Plus drum set for sale. This kit was made in Germany and has Birch shells. It’s a Jungle Kit with smaller sizes to be more compact and easy to transport. They sound great, especially the bass drum - it has tons of punch and low end for a 16” kick. These are high end German shells...
  2. Funkeecowboy

    WTS: Sabian HH Manhattan, Sabian AA Raw Ride, Sabian HHX Evo Crash, Paiste 2000 Crash

    Selling a variety of nice cymbals. Shipping is not included in the prices, we will split it 50/50. 20" Sabian HH Manhattan Ride - truly great cymbal in excellent condition. Weight is around 1700g. $175 20" Sabian AA Raw Ride - cool, super dry cymbal drilled for rivets. I picked this up...
  3. Funkeecowboy

    Sold NIB Tascam DR-05X Handheld Recorder

    I won this in a raffle at my local Music Go Round and don’t have a need for it. It’s brand new in the box, in the packaging and ready to go. Looking for $80 shipped in the USA. Price drop to $70 shipped.
  4. Funkeecowboy

    DW Rail Consollete Bass Drum Mount

    I picked this up a few years ago for a project that never happened. Brand new and never used. $50 shipped
  5. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Pair of Ludwig Atlas Mounts

    Selling a couple of Atlas mounts. Both have been used but are in excellent shape and come with all the extra parts in the box. $50 shipped for the pair.
  6. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Roc N Soc Lunar Hydraulic Throne

    I have moderate degenerative disk disease in my lower back and was on a serious hunt for a throne that I could use for more than 30 minutes at a time. After searching for over a year I landed on the Lunar model from Roc N Soc and have been able to sit and play for up to 3hrs at a time. The wide...
  7. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Cogs Custom Drums Walnut Bop Kit 12/14/18

    Sold! Selling an absolutely fantastic set of custom drums. Made by Cogs Custom Drum out of Las Vegas in 2016 these are made out of walnut shells with maple re-rings. I currently have it outfitted with Aquarian Texture Coated batters over Classic Clear resos on the toms and a coated...
  8. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Pork Pie Hip Pig snare drum 6.5x14"

    Pork Pie 6.5x14" Hip Pig snare drum for sale - great drum that is in excellent condition. The Hip Pig line of drums is a great value - get the Pork Pie quality with a more vintage look and sound. $185 shipped east of the Mississippi $195 shipped west of the Mississippi
  9. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD 14" Paiste 2002 Medium Hi-hats

    Nice set of 2002 14" Medium hats for sale. They sound great and are in great shape. $185 shipped east of the Mississippi $195 shipped west of the Mississippi
  10. Funkeecowboy

    Pair of thin 13" hihats - Zildjian & Zenjian

    Selling a very nice pair of thin, vintage hi-hats consisting of a 50s/60s era Italian made Zenjian top hat weighing 670g and a 60s era Zildjian bottom hat weighing 720g. The thin weights give a dark sound that sits well in the mix. The top hat has some nicks and dings but no cracks and the bell...
  11. Funkeecowboy

    Ludwig 10x14" Single Tension snare/Levon-esque tom

    I had great intentions of making a Levon Helms style jungle kit and was going to use this as the floor tom but never got around to it. Began life as a single tension marching snare but the throwoff had been removed by the time I got it. It has a nice thin, maple shell with re-rings. Pictures...
  12. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Mapex Saturn 5x14" snare drum

    This drum sounds fantastic but I have to downsize my gear so it's on the chopping block. Thinner Maple/Walnut shell gives it a very crisp sound that retains the warmth and tone of a maple drum. The strainer butt has a snare adjustment as well as the throw-off to really fine tune your snare...
  13. Funkeecowboy

    Tama Superstar Maple 4pc kit 10/12/16/22

    Selling a very nice Tama Superstar Classic kit with a nice black lacquer finish. IMHO, the Superstar Classic sets are one of the best values for an all maple shell. The drums sing with a warm, open note that you'd expect from a thin maple shell. I"ve tuned them down low with clear heads and way...
  14. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD WTS Sabian XS20 22" Monarch Ride

    Big washy, wobbly cymbal with great stick definition, a nice soft wash and a good bell. It's a lot of fun to play and fits great in low volume situations. This model was the predecessor to the Big Ugly Series that came out a few years ago. I'd like to get $160 + shipping in the US.
  15. Funkeecowboy

    WTS Dream Bliss 24" Small Bell Flat Ride

    Dark, defined, trashy, wobbly, with a clicky stick sound. This beast is a blast to play! The soundfile and youtube clips out there do a better job describing it than I can. The only issue is that some doofus used a brillo pad to clean some sticky substance off it leaving micro scratches. You...
  16. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD WTS 1990s Zildjian 22" K Ride

    Sold, thanks! Selling a nice Zildjian 22" K Ride from 1990s. It's a solid ride with a dark, defined stick and a warm wash making it very versatile. Overall good shape with a touch of a keyhole, the logos are faded but still visible. The weight will be coming soon but it seems to be in the...
  17. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Tama Superstar Classic Maple Snare 6.5x14” $110

    Selling a beautiful Tama 6.5x14” maple snare from the Superstar Classic series. It has a thin, 6 ply maple shell that just sings. Fantastic shape, I bought it new and other than changing the heads haven’t done much with it and has maybe 15-20 hours of play time on it. These seem to go fairly...
  18. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Taye 6.5x14” Brass Snare Drum $180 shipped(!)

    Selling a like new Taye brass snare drum. I bought it new and have played it less than 10 hours. It sounds great but am pricey car repair has me selling some goods. 10 lug beaded brass 6.5x14” shell Remo heads Price drop to $190 and we’ll split the shipping.
  19. Funkeecowboy

    Gretsch New Classic kit

    I’m open today partial trades for my kit: Trade interests: 19-22” Bosporus Master Vintage 19-22” Thin to Paper-Thin Turks 22” Bos. or Crescent Hammer Ride 19” or 21” Avedis 15” Avedis hats on the lighter side 21”...
  20. Funkeecowboy

    SOLD Gretsch New Classic kit 10,12,14,20

    Sold I picked these up in a trade with DanRH a couple months ago but they aren't really my flavor, the drum sound in my head is always thin shells with re-rings and triple-flanged hoops. These New Classic sound great - modern, powerful sound and built like a tank. Gretsch maple shells...