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  1. musiqman

    Vintage DW/Camco/Gon Bops snare.

    This baby was picked up by a friend at the other side of the country and should be here next week. The first line of snares DW made in the 70’s and it comes in a hefty15x6,5 size. The shell is a Gon Bops timbale shell and the hardware all Camco. Im looking forward to play and explore.
  2. musiqman

    A. D. M. 12x7 Jarrah Block snare for sale.

    Created on May 15th, 1991 with serial number 0029 JB. Because of its block construction, this baby is usable as a main AND side snare. A. D. M. (Australian Drum Manufacturers) was founded by a former salesman of Brady in the 80’s. When compared side-to-side it looks like they used the same...
  3. musiqman

    The most expensive spend on a drum (item).

    We love to boast about our bargains. But how about our biggest expense ever made for a single item or kit? A spend that can sometimes even come with regret. No shame. I think we all have been there one time at least. For me it was the rare Craviotto Butternut (white walnut). Added €203,24...
  4. musiqman

    Yamaha Beech Custom Absolute in White Marine Pearl with matching Rick Marotta snare.

    One of the best sounding kits I have had. But as musicians we always want something new to try, so this beauty needs to go. The kit comes with a matching Rick Marotta snare and extra personally customized snare wire and is outfitted in beautiful White Marine Pearl in hip sizes...
  5. musiqman

    Rogers Dynasonic wood snare.

    So I was checking the worth of Dynasonic Wood snares in the US and I see a lot of asking prices between 1500-3000 but not actually sold snares. What would a snare in excellent condition go for now a days? Any buyers here?