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  1. vintagedrummersweden

    Rogers spotting - odd setup

    Hi! Found this here in Sweden today, for sale on Swedish version of eBay. Odd configuration... like a twin timbale setup but without the twin... Is this a cataloged outfit? /L
  2. vintagedrummersweden

    Ghost pedal spotting

    Maybe this has been posted before, but I saw this yesterday... Ghost pedal to the metal
  3. vintagedrummersweden

    Help with "Tono" brand identification

    Hi Saw this today, anyone know anything about it?
  4. vintagedrummersweden

    Hellstone Music - Sweden

    Hi The wonderful store Hellstone Music in Stockholm, Sweden, has been very active on instagram (and facebook) the last few months. Publishing pictures of their inventory. Today a beautiful Slingerlans built Hager snare in rose marine pearl... Some weeks ago a top hat and cane kit. Check them...
  5. vintagedrummersweden

    Tama Silverstar road tested (or festival tested...)

    Hi there! I had the honor to help fulfill my brother's longtime dream - a local jazz festival with only top of the line artists (all but one from Sweden). And what a line up!! -Jazz veteran Nisse Sandstrm, who has played with everybody in Sweden, Scandinavia and visiting American jazz legends...
  6. vintagedrummersweden

    Sabian AA 29" Medium Ride!

    Yes! 29" A friend of mine is selling this monster. I had never heard of it. Or heard the cymbal. If I had the money... (he's asking aprox. $ 800 for it)
  7. vintagedrummersweden

    My new/old Ludwig Stainless Steel

    Hi! I'm so happy! The stinging dry sound of stainless steel! My collection now includes all three versions of Ludwig drums, as seen in the mini catalog from Ludwig in 1976: a 60's black oyster, a 70's pattern c vistalite and a 70's stainless steel - all kits in 22, 12, 13, 16 configuration.
  8. vintagedrummersweden

    Steiner 16X28" bass drum

    Got this old friend back from my brother. Its been on the road with a theater group for a while. It's a Birger Steiner bass drum. Steiner was the Swedish distributor for Leedy and, later on, Ludwig. Some drums under the Steiner brand was fitted with Leedy lugs. My estimate is that this one is...
  9. vintagedrummersweden

    Ludwig red/yellow swirl Xmas kit

    Just arrived! 12, 13, 16, 22. Really like the yellow/gold inlay on the bass drum rims. Floor tom has a crack, but this is a cool kit, in my opinion. Thanx, Santa... a.k.a me...
  10. vintagedrummersweden

    Meazzi Hollywood acrylic pedal tom

    Just bought this one back. Missing the pedal and bottom hoop is unoriginal. Interresting to see all the holes from the pedal, and the hinged lugs on the batter side. Will turn in to a nice bedside table, with a round glass covering the batter head.
  11. vintagedrummersweden

    Cool Rogers kit for sale in Sweden

    Rogers is pretty rare here in Sweden, and in this condition pretty rare anywhere. For sale at Sweden's national CL. Complete with original heads, stands and era correct Paiste Dixie and 2002.
  12. vintagedrummersweden

    12" 40's Zildjian hats

    Hi there! My good friend, and collector, is selling off some cymbals. I'm looking at three Zildjian hi-hat cymbals from the 40's, in very good condition, formerly played and bought new by an old local drummer. He's asking aprox. $165 for them. Sounds ok, I think...?
  13. vintagedrummersweden

    For those of you who have everything
  14. vintagedrummersweden

    Kenney Jones on Keith Moon
  15. vintagedrummersweden

    Paiste extras

    My wife really has good taste, and supports my interest in drums. Yes, I really like Paiste... //L
  16. vintagedrummersweden

    Stainless Steel collection

    Hi Since I asked a question about badges on some stainless steel tom, I thought it would be polite to show the kit. Or, one of them, that is. From my friends downsized (!) Ludwig collection, here's a 22, 22, 13, 14, 16 and 18. Completing the collection are the additional: 12 and 13. And 2x24...
  17. vintagedrummersweden

    Ludwig odd badges - b/o but stainless?

    Please help me out, what are these badges, found on my friend's 13 and 14 stainless toms.
  18. vintagedrummersweden

    Something old, something new...

    A kit I used for a gig this summer. Used the Trixon for the first time, sounded great and blended with the vintage car exhibition we played at!
  19. vintagedrummersweden

    Tama Swingstar 1984 summer project

    Another find, found it a year ago then saw the pdf of the ad that I had save, some weeks ago. 22, 22, 12, 13, 16, 18, stool, two tomholders and two DW5000 pedals and a floor tom case and two bass drum cases. $ 250... Thought it would look cool when I don't want to use my 28" Premier kit, when...
  20. vintagedrummersweden

    Another cool Paiste - 20" 2002 China

    Bought by a very fine Swedish jazz drummer. The story goes they did a concert and Dizzy Gillespie joined in an commented "That's one great sounding cymbal you've got" Since I'm starting a jazz group with my brother, this will be a nice touch to my setup.