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  1. Trilock_Gurtu

    Early 70's Star (pre-Tama)

    One of my Star kits, Tiger pearl, 12x8/16x15/22x14. Completely stripped down and restored, including: - Shells trued, edges re-cut (30 degree with round over), interiors sanded and two-tone stained, original bass drum hoops sanded down to the wood, inlays re-glued. All done by KBM Custom Drums...
  2. Trilock_Gurtu

    WTB: 60's era John Grey Snare Throw Off

    Hello, I'm looking for a 60's era John Grey snare throw off. I could actually use two, but one would be amazing. I'd like it in great working order. If you have one (or two), send me a PM. Please see pictures. Thanks!
  3. Trilock_Gurtu

    Wanted-70's Slingerland Bass Drum T-Rods/Claws

    Hello, I need ten 1970's Slingerland bass drum tension rods and claws, for my COW bass drum. No MIJ replacements please. Photos attached. PM me if you have them. Thanks!
  4. Trilock_Gurtu

    Snare Day!

    Hello! I scored a couple of great vintage snares yesterday. * One of them is this cool vintage Pearl. - All original, except top and bottom heads. - Strainer and tension/butt plate in great working order. - Beautiful champagne sparkle, only slightly faded. I love that it's a 10 lug vintage...
  5. Trilock_Gurtu

    WTB: 70's or earlier vintage Premier Snare

    Hello, I'm looking for a 70's or earlier vintage Premier snare. Notes: - No 2000's please, I own a nice early 70's COA already. - No 6 lug models, I'm swimming in 6 lug snares. - I'm open to different models. Let's see what you got. - Condition wise: please be in 'very good' condition, or...
  6. Trilock_Gurtu

    WTB: 60's/70's Acrolite-FOUND ONE

    Hello, I'm looking for a either 60's or 70's Acrolite snare. It doesn't have to be mint, or in a collectors condition, but must be in very good or higher condition. Doesn't have to be all original, but not looking for a Frankenstein one either. If you're in The US, I have a friend in...
  7. Trilock_Gurtu

    Premier Lokfast Cymbal Stands

    Hello, I'm interested in Premier Lokfast cymbal stands. - Just straight stands, no hi hat or snare stands. - Complete stands only. - All original only. - In good shape and up condition. - Looking for two stands, possibly three. PM me. Cheers.
  8. Trilock_Gurtu

    Premier Mid-70's B303

    Hello Fellow Drummers! I've seen some cool vintage Premier threads lately, thoroughly enjoy them. I recently acquired a mid-70's Premier B303 least, I believe it's a B303, from my research. If I'm off base, please advise. This was a Craigslist purchase. The history of the kit is...
  9. Trilock_Gurtu

    Vintage MIJ Drum Videos-Post Here

    Hello fellow MIJ vintage drum fans! We often post pictures of our drums, even talk about them. It got me thinking, it would be cool to see more of them in action, whether in solo practice, band rehearsal, at gigs, etc. I did up some quick videos of my Stewart kit. All of them done fast on my...