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  1. mewing

    A bunch of Zildjians - A Custom - K/Z Dyno - Old A's

    16" A Custom Fast Crash - 974 grams - $100 18" A Custom Crash - 1,440 grams - $100 13" K/Z dyno hats - 858g / 1,412g - $160 16" 80's Thin Crash cracked - 1,020 grams - $30 16" 80's Medium Crash cracked - 1,390 grams - $30 SOLD 22" Older A Ride - 2,891 grams - $130 20" Older A - 1,992 grams -...
  2. mewing

    SOLD Locally 1976 Ludwig Supra

    5" x 14" Overall nice shape for its age. Replacement (old) snare wires. Close-up photos of worst spots on the drum. Feel free to ask questions or for more detailed photos. 317-695-0696 $x shipped east of the Mississippi. $x west.
  3. mewing

    SOLD Locally 1969 Ludwig Supraphonic

    5" x 14" January 23, 1969 Some chrome issues, but overall pretty nice drum. Strainer functions as it should. Ludwig script snare wires. Photos in daylight and indoors to show condition, but feel free to ask questions or request more photos. $x shipped east of the Mississippi, and $x to the west...
  4. mewing

    Found...or should I say SOLD so this thread can be moved 19" Kerope Zildjian

    Anyone have a 19" Kerope under 1,600 grams for sale at a reasonable price? I've recently fallen in lust with these, after acquiring an 18" recently on impulse, then followed up with a 22", 20" and hats. I'm ready to buy. Monty 317.695.0696
  5. mewing

    80's Zildjian 16" thin crash with lathe cracks

    16" Thin Crash, 1,020 grams, two lathe cracks, still sounds good. 16" Medium Thin Crash, 1,390 grams, one lathe crack and enlarged center, still sounds like medium Zildjian crash. SOLD This came to me with a kit, in this condition. $20 each, plus shipping. 317.695.0696
  6. mewing

    Zildjian 80's Rock ride crash hats

    The 16" crash may be newer (looks newer), but the 22" and he 14's are 80's. Very little bit of keyhole in the ride (very little), but the others are all in good shape, just dirty. 22" ride 3,080g 16" crash 1,425g 14" hats 1,345g/1,468g $325 plus shipping 317-695-0696
  7. mewing

    SOLD Ludwig 18" floor tom 1978 blue olive badge

    Chrome in great shape; wrap lifting/shrinking. Some weather strip residue inside shell near batter edge. No fading under the lugs. Solid drum, round hoops. $175 Shipping available at cost 317.695.0696
  8. mewing

    SOLD on Ebay Zildjian Mastersound hats 13"

    Zildjian 18" A Custom crash with lots of stick marks, but no damage. 1,328 grams with thin edges. Lays flat. $110 SOLD Sabian AA 8" splash. Little wrinkle that doesn't show up in photos very well. No other issues. 115 grams $30 SOLD Zildjian Mastersound 13" hats. Really nice...
  9. mewing

    SOLD on DFO Zildjian A Series 8" splash (block letter model)

    No damage 181 grams 8" $35 Shipping available at cost 317.695.0696
  10. mewing

    SOLD on eBay Sabian HHX Evolution Dave Wekyl ride cymbal

    20" 2,310 grams No damage. $139 Shipping available at cost. 317.695.0696
  11. mewing

    SOLD on CL Ludwig 1967 Pioneer snare WMP

    Nice shape Complete 5" by 14" 6-lug Baseball bat muffler May 15, 1967 Replacement snare wires Ask any questions 317.695.0696 $250 Shipping to lower 48 probably $20-$35
  12. mewing

    SOLD on eBay Pearl Maple Shell Made in USA 15" rack tom

    Black wrap in nice shape (a few minor marks here and there). 15" diameter and 14" deep. Pearl Super hoops. I'll provide additional detailed photos to anyone interested. The reso head isn't wavy; it's a reflection of clouds. Hard to tell where to price this, so I'm saying $125, and I'll ship at...
  13. mewing

    Unusual bass drum pedal with an "S" on the footboard

    Not sure what this is. My mind went to Slingerland and Sonor first, but in all my searching, I don't see this pedal online anywhere. I doubt its a super valuable piece, but I'd like to know what it is so I can get it to someone that needs it, maybe to match a hi-hat stand or something.
  14. mewing

    Just sharing my latest find - Camco

    First Camco kit I've ever had. I think they might be keepers. 12-14-20 Now, if I can only find a matching snare.
  15. mewing

    SOLD Old 14" by 14" floor tom shell

    Project shell. Was literally a barn find. Hoops, legs and tension rods were shot. It looks like a previous owner might have added a snare hardware at the bottom edge at some point, but luckily they didn't cut beds or mess with the bearing edge. See photos, ask questions. $50. Will ship at...
  16. mewing

    SOLD Zildjian A Custom 18" Projection Crash

    No keyholing or cracks. 1,610 grams $120 $10 shipping east of Mississippi; $20 to the west. 317.695.0696
  17. mewing

    SOLD Who needs a nice Acrolite? You do at a lower price!

    5" by 14" in nice shape. Throw-off works as it should. Replacement heads and one replacement tension rod that I know of (15 of them look like the one with a near point on the end, plus there is the one at the top of the tension rod photo). No date stamp but a "107" inside the shell. Serial...
  18. mewing

    SOLD Pearl Export snare 6 1/2" by 14"

    Great shape; no rust; everything functions as it should. $65 Shipping available. 317.695.0696
  19. mewing

    SOLD Fiber cases 18" by 18" and 14" by 24"

    Two fiber cases; $30 each. (shipping from Indianapolis possible but the sizes might make it cost-prohibitive) One marked as 18” by 18” with measurements of 21” diameter and 20+” deep. Other one is for a cocktail drum or two/three toms, and is 15” diameter and 26” deep. Good straps, buckles and...
  20. mewing

    SOLD Gretsch Floating Action bass pedal

    They made these over a pretty long time span, so I don't know what year this one is. $50. Ask me about shipping; I'll be reasonable and not charge the whole amount if its in the lower 48, which I would prefer. Functions; not a museum piece...ask questions. Thanks! 317.695.0696